Monday, July 30, 2007

Oddly Enough

Let me tell you about this wonderful new-to-me character I've recently discovered!! His name is Odd Thomas, and you have to check him out. Dean Koontz has written 3 books (so far) that revolve around this very likeable character whom I just can't get enough of. I read all 3 of the books this past month...they're page turners. If you've never read any Dean Koontz before, well, you should. He's incredibly creative. He's got the awesomeness of Stephen King without the profanity. He's got the mystery, suspense and freaky stuff without perversion. He is why I haven't posted anything in a month.

Well, he and another writer I've come to love. Ann B. Ross has written a bunch of books about a southern widow named Julia Springer, also known as Ms. Julia. I love Ms. Julia. I've read 5 of the Ms. Julia books, not including the one I started tonight. She's very funny...always getting mixed up in bizarre situations and not at all creepy or freaky. This is good after a few chapters of Dean Koontz. She takes the edge off so you can sleep.

Anyway... that's where I've been the whole month of July. Hanging out with Ms. Julia and Odd Thomas. Now, if you read the Odd Thomas books,you have to start with first book in the series, Odd Thomas. If you start on either of the other 2, you'll be really sorry. In fact, I'm not even going to tell you what the other 2 books are titled so if you start on the wrong book, you'll have only yourself to blame.

As for Ms. Julia, the first one in the series is Ms. Julia Speaks Her Mind, but it's not a big deal if you start somewhere else. I started with Ms. Julia Meets Her Match and I'm just fine. Enjoy!