Monday, May 25, 2009

Questions, Questions!

This will seem exaggerated to some of you. For others of you, it will be a walk down memory lane. These are MOST of the questions the kids asked me today, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. I didn't include any school related questions, or questions repeated because I didn't answer fast enough for their taste. Here we go!!

Can I get on the computer today?
Can I get I on after her?
Are we going to Walmart today?
If we were, could we go to Dollar Tree too?
How many days till the end of the Year party?
Can i have a waffle for breakfast?
Will you buy more waffles?
And when you do, will you buy some with the chocolate chips?
Summer isn't far away, is it?
Is Ben supposed to have that saw?
Who knocked on my door?
Can I have another waffle?
How many waffles is this?
What if snow is water??
Can I have some more juice?
What did you tell me to put away?
Will you do the comforter for me?
What is the opposite of up and down?
How do you spell "large"?
What is another word for "big" that has 4 letters?
Are those raspberries or blackberries out there?
Can you sew a patch on these?
Will you do it today?
Do they make dog breath mints?
Can we get some for Darcy?
Did you see that?
Why do you have secret eyes?
What would a doctor do for legs with scabs?
Is this green?
Is this the right color marker?
How much money would I get for reading this to Abby?
How much is 35 plus 35?
Where is the black marker?
Will you take me to the doctor tomorrow?
Momma, where's Clifford?
Can I get on the computer?
Then can I get on?
Will you reset the timer, my battery died.
Are we going to watch a movie today?
Can we watch Star Wars?
Can I explore the closet?
Momma would you put this on me?
Where is the baby oil?
Can I use the vegetable oil? Will it work?
Where is the food coloring?
What is that bag?
Can I keep this?
Is there another life jacket?
Why is Sam wearing one?
If we were going to wear them on our walk, could I wear that one and Abby wear the pink one?
Can i take a shower
Is Lizzy gonna take a sandwich?
Is you gonna , Momma?
Can I have some cakie bread?
Can I smell it?
Can I have some more, Momma?
Can I have some more cake?
Is my stomach bigger than Ben's?
Is mine?
Was yesterday the milkshake day?
Can I have some more cakie bread?
Will you tell Wyatt to let me play with my toy?
Is that a water turtle?
Can we keep it?
What if we did?
Can I get on the computer?
Can we got to the lake?
What if I were taller than the lake? Would you let me walk across it?
Are we still going to the lake?
Can I dip me feet in it?
Are we still going?
Can we go to the MacLellans?
Can we go wading?
What if it storms?
What if Abby was in the deep part of the water and she was drowning?
Can we go deeper?
Why can't I throw rocks?
Can I keep this one?
Is it going to rain?
Why are we leaving?
Why can't we stay, Momma?
What if i kept that big turtleand put it in with my box turtle?
Momma, do you like mud turtles?
Can I get on the computer now?
Can we get a different background for the kids account?
Can i go on the front porch? I won't get wet.
Can I check the mail?
Can I play in the carport, PLEASE?
Do you think I would get wet?
Can i bring the chalkboard inside?
Where are the dry erase markers?
Are "Rose Art" markers dry erase?
What should i draw?
Can i eat Sam's sandwich?
If you were me, what would you draw?
What is you had all day to yourself, what would you do?
Why does water seperate from olive oil?
What was that sound?
Who's is at the door?
Can we keep the goose in the back of the wooden truck? ( they came across a baby canadian goose today. )
Why can't we?
What if we keep Darcy on a leash and NEVER let her out without it?
Can we at least keep it the rest of today and tonight?
Can I get on the computer?
Mommy, can I get on the computer?
Can i have some ice cream?
What's for dinner?
Can i call Mammaw and tell her I found this?
Is this a private conversation?
If it's unpleasant, then why do you talk about it?
Will you do this?
Is this all buckled and zipped?
Mommmy, where's my pink flowin bowin? (life jacket, and i don't know why she calls it that.)
Where are the books with the crossword puzzles?
Did Ben brush his teeth?
Where is Ben?
Can I watch Sammy pooping?