Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Today Sounded Like


Liz:(barely awake, one eye still closed.) "Can I (unintelligable blah-blah mumble mumble)?"

Me: "What?"
Liz: " Nevermind i have to go to bathroom, PLEASE!"
Me: ACHOO! ACHOO! AAa.... ugh.
Ben: "Momma, I need 3 long sleeve shirts...we are FREEZING out there! (The boys camped out in the yard last night.)
Wyatt Sr. (in bed, eyes still closed) "What's up? What's going on? Are you happy?....What was that preacher guy's name from that movie? Do you know what mote means?"
Abby: "Momma, I want cake!" (still morning..maybe 7:30)
Sam: "I want Abby's cake too."
Pick a child: "Can I get on the computer?"
Pick another child: "Can i go next?"
Me:"Liz, be ready when i get home."

much later

Abby: Can I have my cake?
Sam: Me too! Me too!
Me: "Wyatt Henry, please help me get the groceries out of the truck."
Ben: "When is it gonna be Abby's birthday time and where did you go?"
Wyatt Sr.: "Did you eat breakfast? Do you want some eggs?"
Me: "Lizzie, socks and shoes. Real shoes, not those shoes."
Lizzie: "Are you coming with me? When is Miss Elysa coming? Can you call her? What time is it now?"
Me: "Who has had breakfast?"
Wyatt Sr.: "Everyone but Abby."
Abby: "I want cake, my birthday cake."
Me: "You can have cereal. Cake is for after lunch."
Abby: "I don't want lunch. i want my cake."
Me: "Wyatt Henry, please get some more bags from the truck."
Sam: "I am helping too! Then i get some cake."
Me: "Lizzie! SHOES!"
Wyatt Sr.: " Hey, be sure to ask Elysa is she has ever read any Flannery O'Connor books or seen any movies based on her books."

10:30 ish
Elysa: "Laura is trying to decide where she wants to go. You and Lizzie can help us."
Me: "What is your favorite place?"
Laura:"I can't choose!"

(lots of talk about this, resulting in us eating at Ichi Ban..YUM-O)

Chatter about movies ...Dan in Real Life and Slumdog Millionaire and The Green Mile and To End All Wars ....and cussing 130 times!!!

Elysa: "Do you want to go to the park after or to Petsmart?"
Laura: "Petsmart."
Lizzie: "yes!"
Me:"Thanks for recommending that book "the Family Under the Bridge"..blah-blah-blah.....unit study of France...Notre Dame cathedral, louvre...blah-blah...Three Musketeers...Hunchback...gypsies..."

Elysa: "In Romania there are some places where gypsies aren't allowed in, or they can come in but they can't sit down."
Me: "I've always wanted to be a gypsie."
Elysa:" What?"
Me: "yep...I was a gypsie just about every halloween growing up. I like the head scarves and the bracelets and flowing skirts and cool jingling ankle bracelets.and traveling around the country in a RV or little gypsy trailer thing."

sound of laughter.

Elysa:" Do you like Sushi? I don't like it at all. "
Me: "I liked it at one place in Clinton, but with sauce and stuff on it."
Elysa: "Look at Lizzie with those chopsticks! Has she ever held them before? She's a natural."

sound of eating. sound of waiter singing happy birthday to Laura. chatter about deep conversations and friends and being nervous and being brave and being bored.

Lizzie: "Laura is going to open her present now."
Elysa: "OK! Wait for me to get the camera, laura....ok....."
Sounds of tissue paper and giggles and camera clicks.

Laura: (gasp) "THANKS LIZZIE!!! MOM! It's the Littlest Pet Shop Sticker Journal!"
Elysa: "Smile,Laura!"

More Thanks! and giggles and crinkling tissue paper.

Laura: "Look at this fish! What is called momma?"
Lizzie:"OH! Look at the cats!"
Laura:" LOOK! Look at that bird! It's doing tricks!!Mom!!!"
Me: "What is THAT? Is that a sugar glider?"
Elysa: "I don't know....there's a chinchilla"
Me: "I've never understood why people want ferrets."
Elysa: "We had one stunk."
Me: "My brother-in-law had a chinchilla...they're sooo CUTE. And soft! They are the softest animal I've ever held."
Elysa: "mmmm-hmmm....that's why they make good coats."
Me: (sigh)...i know....EW!It IS a sugar glider..LOOK!"
Elysa: "OOH! We have to take a picture!"

Sounds of laughter and camera clicks.
Sound of Elysa on the phone.
sounds of chatter about cats and hairballs and evil eyes, chatter about birds and tricks and relatives who raise exotic birds.

Elysa: "Remind me to get Day Time Theraflu for Jim."
Me: "Day time it."
Elysa: "Laura, do you see formula for kittens?"

chatter about staying in the car or going in the store, English roast and day time theraflu.

Me: "Lizzie, get up. Get off the bottom of the buggy."
Elysa: "Laura, bring the buggy back, darling.This cat food is heavy."

Chatter about tea...

and theraflu...sounds of more laughter and camera clicking.
Chatter and laughter and giggles all the way home.

Laura: "Mom! Can you please talk quieter?"
Elysa: "No, but you and Lizzie can move to the back row of the van."

Me: "OH! Someone's at the house! Do you recognize the car Liz?"
Lizzie: "Mammaw and Pappaw!!!"

Sound of footsteps on hardwood floors, greetings, cheers for caketime and welcome home.

Me: "What time is it? Did you eat lunch?"
Elysa: Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts!"
Abby: "Is it my cake time??"

Sounds of "goodbye" and "thank-you"and "happy Birthday!"

Wyatt: "What can I do to help?"
Me: "Umm...let's get the table cleared off. I'll throw this stuff in the oven."

Sound of knocking at the door.

Several people: "Come in!"
Pick a child:" Uncle GARY!!!!"
Gary: "hey! Hello, hello."

Sounds of greetings, welcomes and birthday wishes. More Uncles and Aunts and entering. more greetings.Chatter of big gift bags, cake and ice cream, and spicy party mix.

Wyatt Henry: " We need the candles! We need the Abigail candles, Momma."
Ben: "Momma, can I light the candles?"
Me: "No Baby, a grown-up needs to do that...OK! It's time to sing happy birthday. Wyatt, Liz, let's go! Come on, let's sing to Abby."

Ben: "Can I light the candles? Can I light one?"
Me: "No Ben, sit down. Let's sing."

Sound of everyone singing "Happy Birthday....make a wish, blow out the candles." Sound of camera clicking and laughter, chatter about cake and sherbet and ice cream.
Sounds of wrapping paper tearing, tissue paper crinkling, exclamations of joy and surprise...ooohs and aaahhhs....and laughter.

Sam: "Can i have more cake?"
Ben: "I'll have sherbet."
Bob:"Cake and mint chocolate chip...just a little."
Ann: "That's ALOT of ice cream!"
Wyatt: "Here! Take it."
Me: "Who wants coffee?"

Sounds of chatter about facebook and exercise and loved ones. Sound of children playing and footsteps music playing.

Wyatt Sr.: "Abby, let's go potty."
Me: "There's plenty of cake and ice cream...have more."
Ben: "Can I have a piece of Abby's candy?"
Sam:"Mommy, can I have more ice cream?"

Sound of "Good bye" and "thank you" and "drive safely".."i love you"...
Sound of water running in the tub and more giggles and playing...then crying.

Sam:"Abby is not sharing."
Abby: "No SAM!"
Me:" OK, time to get out...pjs!"
Ben:"Can i have a shower instead?"
Wyatt Sr.: "Wyatt and Liz...pjs."

Me:" is your chance to have something to eat before bed. Not cake or candy or ice cream. You can have a sandwich or pizza, or.."
Liz: "Can I have a banana sandwich?"
Everbody else: "PIZZA!!"

Sounds of eating and cleaning up.

Me: "Why am I insisting on fitting this big ol' colander in the dish washer? I can wash it myself in 3 seconds"
Wyatt Sr.: "BINGO!"
Ben: "Abby, is your sock monkey named George?"
Wyatt Henry: "Betsie named a tree George.Over in the woods, where I made that fort."
Lizzie: "I am the bubble fairy and the spiders are my servants!"
Me: "OK! 8:00...everyone to bed."
Sam: "Can I sleep with Abby?"
Me: "No, everybody sleeps in their own beds."
Sam: "Can I sleep with Baby Alive? Abby says I can."

Wyatt Sr: "Want to watch a movie?"
Me: " Sure, whatcha got?"

Wyatt Henry: "Mom, Sam and Abby are out of bed."
Liz: "Hey mom,I think you should tell Daddy about where Abby fell asleep last night."
Sam: "Abby stop!"
Wyatt Sr: "GO TO SLEEP!"
Me: " Abby fell asleep on the floor, on top of the AC vent."
Lizzie: "How do you spell "our"
Me: Go to bed. Wait. Our as in 'It's our house' or as in 'In one hour from now?"
Lizzie: It's one hour from now.
Me:" go to bed."
Ben: "Momma, my nose feels weird."
Me: "Go to bed."
Ben: (groan)
Wyatt Sr.: "Ben, do what your mother said right now. Go, right now. Walk straight to your room."

Wyatt Sr. "Ok...according to netflix, this has 4.5 stars for me...It's called God On Trial. Jews in Auschiwitz decide to put God on trial."

Sam: "Abby undressed Baby Alive. Now, Abby has to dress Baby Alive."
Me: "You need to go to bed"
Wyatt Sr. "SAM! Go to bed."
Wyatt sr.: "What do you think? You want to watch it or should I keep looking?
Me: "It sounds ok, what else you got?"
Sam: "Mommma will you help me?"
Me: "No, go to bed." (mean momma)
Sam: Baby Alive's diaper came off.
Me: "She's fine, go to bed."
Sam: "But..."
Me: "NO! BED!"
Sam: "Well then...(thud! baby alive hits the floor)
Sound of spanking. sound of crying.
(lots of crying)
Ben: "Will you tell Sam to stop fake crying?"
Wyatt Sr: "Go to bed."

several minutes pass

sounds of fan blowing, dishwasher running and me typing.

Liz: "Abby's poopy."
Me: (SIGH!)
Wyatt Sr.: "ok."

Me: "Ok, you want to just watch that?"
Wyatt: "Uh-huh...give me a minute."

sounds of fan blowing, crickets chirping and fingers typing.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Passion of Mary-Margaret

Honestly folks, I Think "Embrace Me" just got bumped. It was my favorite book by author Lisa Samson, who regularly rocks the bookshelves here at Casa de Roberts. It is a truly amazing and beautiful story, and if you haven't read it, you're really missing out. However, last night I finished another book by Ms. Samson that might be my new Samson Fav. It's called The Passion of Mary-Margaret, and it is just lovely. Mary-Margaret is simple and complicated, bold and humble, ordinary and fantastic. I wish she was real so I could sit with her and listen to all her wonderful stories....and you know she's got ALOT to tell. She'll take you down roads you may never travel otherwise, and somehow you can understand her situation. She shows you true faith, true friendship, and true love. She has faults and she struggles but she trusts and obeys, and honey, it ain't all smiles and sunshine. And isn't that how it can be with the Lord? Read this book, folks. You'll be SO glad you did!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 excuse, really.

Wow, has it really been that long since I've blogged? I'm such a SLACKER!


I'll be better, I promise.

But not yet, because I just picked up a new book by Lisa I'm Awesome Samson, so....give me few days and then I'll be back.


While I'm gone, check out this great movie Wyatt and I watched last night. You won't be disappointed. Well, they do use the F word once, and that's disappointing, but I still recommend it highly. It's called "Something The Lord Made". And no, it's not about religion.

Check it out.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun

A few weeks ago while at the library, the librarian recommended at book to me. I'm so glad she did! This was by far the most amazing book I've read. It's the biography of a Christian man in China, the persecution of the church there and what it looks like when you follow the advice of James and "consider it pure Joy when you face trials."

Here's an excerpt:

"Once I spoke in the West and a Christian told me, 'I've been praying for years that the communist government in China will collapse, so that Christians can live in freedom.' This is not what we pray! We never pray against our government or call down curses on them. Instead we have learned that God is in control of both our lives and the government we live under. Isaiah prophesied about Jesus, ' The government will be on his shoulders.' Isaiah 9:6

God has used China's government for his own purposes, molding and shaping his children as he sees fit. Instead of focusing our prayers on any political system, we pray that regardless of what happens to us, we will be pleasing to God.

Do not pray for the persecution to stop! We shouldn't pray for a lighter load to carry, but a stronger back to endure. Then the world will see that God is with us, empowering us to live in a way that reflects his power and love.

This is true freedom!"

-from "The Heavenly Man" by Brother Yun, pp.286-287.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Interview With Claudia Mair Burney

Meet my fabulous, funny, warm and intelligent friend, Claudia Mair Burney. She goes by Mair (rhymes with fire), is a wonderfully talented novelist and is here at Just a Thought to answer a few questions for us! Isn't that just so much FUN? As you know, I'm a HUGE fan of Ms. Burney's and am so excited to have this opportunity to get in her head for a quick peak! I've been looking forward to this for a LONG time, so let's jump right in, shall we?

Me:You were confirmed into the Catholic Church last year, is that correct? What was that like for you? And can you give us a brief look into your spiritual journey to that point.

Mair: What I did was come into full communion with the Catholic Church. My confirmation took place in the Eastern Orthodox Church. It’s complicated, girl, and I’m not about to get into that here. But, it was amazing, Rhonda. I was so hungry for that brand of spirituality. It’s totally simpatico with how I’m wired. The process was a comedy of errors at times, and in turn, tender and brutal at times. And the change came with a surprising amount of persecution, but I wouldn’t trade one moment of that journey.

Me: Is your journey reflected in your literary characters?

Mair: Oh sure. All my journeys, even if I move from one geographical location, are reflected in my fiction.

Me: Who do you write for?

Mair: You. LOL. And me. And anybody out there who can say, “Yeah, me, too,” to my character’s struggles.

Me: I have just finished Deadly Charm, and of course I loved it! In fact, I’m rereading Murder, Mayhem and a Fine Man and meeting Bell, Jazz and everyone else for a second time. I’m finding a lot of little hints and innuendos of things to come in the later novels. How far ahead do you plan when writing your novels?

Mair: I had to pitch the series knowing—roughly—what would happen in all three. A plot synopsis is required in most proposals before you make a sale. But the characters always manage to surprise me. That’s one of the more delightful aspects of writing series fiction.

Me: We know your inspiration for Bell was your great-grandmother Amanda Bell Brown. Let’s talk about Jazz. Who was your inspiration for Jazz?

Mair: Ha! Naughty Rhonda. I’ll be completely honest here. Jazz is based on my first… um…. yeah, him. He made an unexpected appearance back in my life the year I turned forty, which was the year I wrote that book. I was woefully smitten, hence, his guest appearance. I must admit, creating a fictional version of him was a really bad move. I was so glad to be done with those books! You just don’t know, girl.

Me: Deadly Charm introduces a new character, Ezekiel Thunder. Tell me about him.

Mair: I was “born again” in the early eighties, which was the height of the reign of the televangelist. He’s a composite of those poor souls caught up in excess, the mighty, whose empires fell before the world, causing more than a little disillusionment in me and many others.

Me: Rocky and Bell have an interesting friendship. What are you trying to show people through their relationship?

Mair: That wounded people, though Rocky doesn’t initially seem that wounded, are drawn to each other, and can be wonderful beacons for each other during dark nights of the soul. When Bell pieced her life back together, Rocky really was her rock. Their relationship is tender, complicated, and at times, hilarious. Her life would be impoverished without him.

Me: Several of your stories deal with interracial relationships. You’ve got Rocky and Bell’s history. You’ve got Jazz’s parents. Both of those relationships are presented in a nonchalant manner….no drama, really. (ok I know Bell and Rocky have dram but it’s not black and white drama.)Then you have Zora and Nicky…extreme opposite! Explosive drama! In your experience, which is more common in the church today?

Mair: I honestly think both are common. Some people seem to get the race stuff out of the way, early. And there was race drama (off scene) with both sets of Browns, and Rocky and Bell, but I don’t make a huge issue of it. The Amanda Bell Brown mysteries aren’t “race books” whatever that is. Zora and Nicky, on the other hand, was designed to give readers a look at how difficult race relations in America can be. When Don Pape asked me to write it he asked for a “race book.” Zora and Nicky is what came out of me.

Me: Speaking of Zora and Nicky…. you’ve been nominated for a Christy Award in the Contemporary Romance category!!!! (yay!! WOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO) What does this mean to you?

Mair: It means my peers, writers and readers of Christian fiction, have read my book and deemed it extraordinary. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve given me the prize already, whether or not I actually win. And I’m so nervous. Today I dreamed the executives at David C. Cook told me they were embarrassed by the things I wear! In the dream I got so mad I withdrew my Christy nomination. I think I’m just anxious about what I’ll wear and do with my hair!

Me: You know I voted for dreads.
Ok, last question. What do you think are the 5 greatest pieces of literature you’ve ever read. Not necessarily your favorite books.

Wow. That’s really hard to say. I read so many books, and many have moved me. Some have changed me. I suppose, off the top of my head, I’d say:

Mariette in Ecstasy, by Ron Hansen
Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston
Every Thing That Rises Must Converge, by Flannery O’Connor
The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger
The Color Purple, by Alice Walker

And that says nothing of the non-fiction and poetry, but since I brought it up, don’t miss:
The Ragamuffin Gospel, by Brennan Manning
The Music of Silence, by David Stendl Rast
The Long Loneliness, by Dorothy Day
Traveling Mercies, by Anne Lamott, and finally
Life of the Beloved, by Henri Nouwen.

For poetry, try:
Walking to Martha’s Vineyard, by Franz Wright
Sinner’s Welcome, by Mary Karr
Rilke’s Book of Hours, translated by Barrows and Macy
Love Poems from God, by Daniel Ladinsky, and
Love: Selected Poems by E.E. Cummings, illustrated by Christopher Myers.

Okay. That was so way more than five! I’m done now. Thanks so much for having me, lovie. You rawk.

No, my dear, you rawk! Thanks for sharing with us. We cannot wait for what comes next from that brilliant, sassy pen of yours!

Keep your eyes open, friends, for more from Ms. Burney, this time in the non-fiction section! Ooooooooooh!!!

For more about Claudia Mair Burney, check her out at

Monday, May 25, 2009

Questions, Questions!

This will seem exaggerated to some of you. For others of you, it will be a walk down memory lane. These are MOST of the questions the kids asked me today, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. I didn't include any school related questions, or questions repeated because I didn't answer fast enough for their taste. Here we go!!

Can I get on the computer today?
Can I get I on after her?
Are we going to Walmart today?
If we were, could we go to Dollar Tree too?
How many days till the end of the Year party?
Can i have a waffle for breakfast?
Will you buy more waffles?
And when you do, will you buy some with the chocolate chips?
Summer isn't far away, is it?
Is Ben supposed to have that saw?
Who knocked on my door?
Can I have another waffle?
How many waffles is this?
What if snow is water??
Can I have some more juice?
What did you tell me to put away?
Will you do the comforter for me?
What is the opposite of up and down?
How do you spell "large"?
What is another word for "big" that has 4 letters?
Are those raspberries or blackberries out there?
Can you sew a patch on these?
Will you do it today?
Do they make dog breath mints?
Can we get some for Darcy?
Did you see that?
Why do you have secret eyes?
What would a doctor do for legs with scabs?
Is this green?
Is this the right color marker?
How much money would I get for reading this to Abby?
How much is 35 plus 35?
Where is the black marker?
Will you take me to the doctor tomorrow?
Momma, where's Clifford?
Can I get on the computer?
Then can I get on?
Will you reset the timer, my battery died.
Are we going to watch a movie today?
Can we watch Star Wars?
Can I explore the closet?
Momma would you put this on me?
Where is the baby oil?
Can I use the vegetable oil? Will it work?
Where is the food coloring?
What is that bag?
Can I keep this?
Is there another life jacket?
Why is Sam wearing one?
If we were going to wear them on our walk, could I wear that one and Abby wear the pink one?
Can i take a shower
Is Lizzy gonna take a sandwich?
Is you gonna , Momma?
Can I have some cakie bread?
Can I smell it?
Can I have some more, Momma?
Can I have some more cake?
Is my stomach bigger than Ben's?
Is mine?
Was yesterday the milkshake day?
Can I have some more cakie bread?
Will you tell Wyatt to let me play with my toy?
Is that a water turtle?
Can we keep it?
What if we did?
Can I get on the computer?
Can we got to the lake?
What if I were taller than the lake? Would you let me walk across it?
Are we still going to the lake?
Can I dip me feet in it?
Are we still going?
Can we go to the MacLellans?
Can we go wading?
What if it storms?
What if Abby was in the deep part of the water and she was drowning?
Can we go deeper?
Why can't I throw rocks?
Can I keep this one?
Is it going to rain?
Why are we leaving?
Why can't we stay, Momma?
What if i kept that big turtleand put it in with my box turtle?
Momma, do you like mud turtles?
Can I get on the computer now?
Can we get a different background for the kids account?
Can i go on the front porch? I won't get wet.
Can I check the mail?
Can I play in the carport, PLEASE?
Do you think I would get wet?
Can i bring the chalkboard inside?
Where are the dry erase markers?
Are "Rose Art" markers dry erase?
What should i draw?
Can i eat Sam's sandwich?
If you were me, what would you draw?
What is you had all day to yourself, what would you do?
Why does water seperate from olive oil?
What was that sound?
Who's is at the door?
Can we keep the goose in the back of the wooden truck? ( they came across a baby canadian goose today. )
Why can't we?
What if we keep Darcy on a leash and NEVER let her out without it?
Can we at least keep it the rest of today and tonight?
Can I get on the computer?
Mommy, can I get on the computer?
Can i have some ice cream?
What's for dinner?
Can i call Mammaw and tell her I found this?
Is this a private conversation?
If it's unpleasant, then why do you talk about it?
Will you do this?
Is this all buckled and zipped?
Mommmy, where's my pink flowin bowin? (life jacket, and i don't know why she calls it that.)
Where are the books with the crossword puzzles?
Did Ben brush his teeth?
Where is Ben?
Can I watch Sammy pooping?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sponsor a child.

Visit and sponsor a child today.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday in Mississippi

Wake up sleepy from staying up too late reading (Same Kind of Different as Me) makes oatmeal for the kids because he's AWESOME...tell the kids not to let the dog out because it's trash day...wonder where the cat is...shower...remind kids not to let the dog out....dress....get kids dressed...late rising kids get up and complain that all the oatmeal is gone...notice the dog is out by the trash dog and remind kids AGAIN not to let the dog out until the trash has been collected...check email...Wyatt goes to work...delegate laundry jobs...delegate morning breakfast while fending off Abby who says in my ear, "A bite, a bite, a bite A BIIIITE!!"...reading for dishes...more school, science now...plant seeds for herb garden...over react when seeds get spilled after they've been plated in pots...apologize...over react when kids are WAY to loud...apologize again...send out a search and rescue for the luck...snack time...plan dinner...a little math for Wyatt Henry...change poopy diaper...over react when I see Lizzie's room...apologize AGAIN..notice a pattern here and make some coffee.. lunch time...wonder why the heck everyone is so dang LOUD today...notice that I still haven't seen the cat...facebook briefly....check email...more laundry...lay abby down for nap...outside chores...swat bugs, decline bug spray offer from my son ...more science...swat bugs,decline bug spray offer from my dog from cow pasture...find out whose turn it is to wash the dog...more yardwork...swat bugs, explain that the bugs are around my face and that I don't want to spray my face with OFF... assure Ben he isn't about to die from picking up it's not so hot that he will burn up...more yardwork......wonder when we moved to a swamp and spray everyone with bug spray, including my face and hair...wheel barrow with branches, weeds and fish guts (??!!??) spills over...assign Wyatt and Lizze to clean it up...Where is the dadgum cat??...break up fight between Lizzie and Wyatt over fish Ben back rolls in previously mentioned fish guts... finish yardwork...tell kids they can turn on the chases a catches a rolls to the side of the road with dislocated elbow (although my money was on a broken leg) freak driver freaks driver picks up smelly wounded dog and carries her to middle of the continue freaking out...assure Jeep driver it's not her fault the idiot dog chased her driver leaves, still a little freaked Wyatt...try to wash a little of the nastiness off the dog...Wyatt and Liz take dog to vet...tell the boys they can play in the hose...shower...start dinner...Abby wakes from marathon nap...take several calls about the dog...rock Abby...more cooking...tell boys to turn off the hose...ground Ben from water play for a week for pitching a fit...change Abby...tell Sam to pull his pants up...more dinner....tell Sam to pull up his pants...get Sam a belt...get kids out of back of Russell's truck...more dinner...wait for Wyatt and Liz..get kids out of Russell's truck...finish dinner...Send Wyatt Henry for yet another cat search and rescue...still nothing...Wyatt, Liz and Russell back..get kids OUT of Russell's TRUCK!...Ham, sweet potatoes and green beans for dinner...happy and amazed everyone eats!...send kids out to play...clean kitchen...check email...facebook briefly..change poopy diaper...decide a bath is really the route necessary...throw in Sam while I'm at it...pjs and all the little ones to and facebook for far too long.....hope the cat is back tomorrow...remember I told Lizzie I'd fix her blog...try to fix her blog...go to bed and wonder why i had coffee at 8:30...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter Carol

Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer;
Death is strong, but Life is stronger;
Stronger than the dark, the light;
Stronger than the wrong, the right.
Faith and Hope triumphant say,
Christ will rise on Easter-Day.

While the patient earth lies waking,
Till the morning shall be breaking,
Shuddering 'neath the burden dread
Of her Master, cold and dead,
Hark! she hears the angels say,
Christ will rise on Easter-Day.

And when sunrise smites the mountains,
Pouring light from heavenly fountains,
Then the earth blooms out to greet
Once again the blessed feet;
And her countless voices say,
Christ has risen on Easter-Day.

Up and down our lives obedient
Walk, dear Christ, with footsteps radiant,
Till those garden lives shall be
Fair with duties done for Thee;
And our thankful spirits say,
Christ arose on Easter-Day.

~ Bishop Phillips Brooks (1835-1893)

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Friday...but Sunday is coming!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On Easter

In the sidebar of my blog is a little column called "Say it Again." There I usually post a quote relevant to the season. Today, when I searched for quotes regarding Easter, I found so many I loved, I could not limit myself to one. So, here they are. Enjoy, and have a truly, truly blessed Easter.

"The joyful news that He is risen does not change the contemporary world. Still before us lie work, discipline, sacrifice. But the fact of Easter gives us the spiritual power to do the work, accept the discipline, and make the sacrifice."
~Henry Knox Sherrill

"Could life so end, half told; its school so fail?
Soul, soul, there is a sequel to thy tale!"

~Robert Mowry Bell

"Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless." ~Charles M. Crowe

"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances." ~Robert Flatt

"Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay there."
~Clarence W. Hall

"It is the hour to rend thy chains,
The blossom time of souls."
~Katherine Lee Bates

"Let every man and woman count himself immortal. Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection. Let him say not merely, "Christ is risen," but "I shall rise." ~Phillips Brooks

"On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer." ~Douglas Horton

"Once more to new creation Awake,
and death gainsay,
For death is swallowed up of life,
And Christ is risen today! "
~George Newell Lovejoy

"There is not room for Death,
Nor atom that his might could render void:
Thou - Thou art Being and Breath,
And what Thou art may never be destroyed."
~Emily Bronte

"And he departed from our sight that we might return to our heart, and there find Him. For He departed, and behold,...He is here." ~St Augustine

Science Fair

Our homeschool group had a science fair a few weeks back. Wyatt made a worm bed for his science project. This was inspired by his Mammaw who had wanted to start a worm bed for some time. With her generous provisions of a cooler, the worms, the worm food and the peat moss, (which means she bought everything!)Wyatt put together a very cool worm bed. Very handy for the little fisherman. We did not bring the worm bed to the science fair. We didn't want muddy water leaking onto the carpet. But he did have step by step instructions with pictures on his display board. He was mighty proud of himself, as you can plainly see!

Lizzie did her project on horses. Her generous donation...a 12" plastic horse, came from her babysitter, Anna. (Actually, the horse was gift long before the science fair.)Anyway, Lizzie labeled all, or at least alot, of the parts of a horse. She had interesting facts about horses posted on her diaply board. For example, did you know that the first horseshoe was believed to be invented by the Romans and was called a hipposandal? Lizzie also including pictures showing the differences between a western sadle and an english saddle and picture of her favorite type of horse, a Welsh Pony.

This was Ben's first year to enter the science fair. He did his on the life cycle of a frog. We got him a mail-order tadpole and he fed it and watched in transform into a froglet and then a frog. He print out pictures of the different stages and colored them himself. He did some of the labeling as well. Right aftt he was finished, he took the lid off the frog's container to feed him, and don't you know that frog was floating on the top of the water! The DAY BEFORE the science fair, it dies. Well, he was pretty upset, but he pulled himself together and after I convinced him that he didn't need a LIVE model for his display, he proudly stood by his pictures and rubber frogs!

Well, not to be left out of the fun, Sammy also had a science project. He saw Lizzie labeling her horse, grabbed a toy dinosaur and made his own labels. Or label. His display consisted of a demonstration of how dinosaurs ROAR! GREAT WORK GUYS!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


OOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!! I'm so excited! My very groovy and talented friend Claudia Mair Burney has agreed to an interview here at Just a Thought! YAY! We'll be chatting about her latest novel, "Deadly Charm", (the 3rd book in the Amanda Bell Brown series)and LOTS more! Now, if you're not familiar with Ms. Burney's books, you are obviously new here. I've been flapping my lips about them for quite some time. But in any case, here's a list.

My first read by Mair...sigh! My supplier and bff, Elysa hooked me up.

I won this one at Ms. Burney's blog. Talented and generous!

Just finished this one last week. I LOVE this series! I wonder if there will be more? Hmmmmmm.....

WHEW!!! This one is HOT!

uh....ahem, I haven't read this one yet. YET!!!

This one REALLY spoke to me. Read it.

Now, get thee to thy nearest Barnes and Noble and get familiar. You won't be disappointed.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Conversation with Sickling

My 5 year old son Ben was sick as a dog last night. Here are some words we shared while I sat with him in bed. Ben was sick to his stomach..I was wiping his face with a cool cloth.

Ben: "Mommy...was I yelling bleeding murder?"
Me: "It's 'bloody murder'..screaming bloody murder. And no, you weren't, although you were pretty loud."


Ben: "um...mommy, there's something I think I need to do."
Me: "What do you need to do?"
Ben: "Throw up!"

(This wasn't exactly a newsflash...the child had been vomitting all evening and it was now after midnight.)

Ben: "This time I'm going to scream bloody murder."
Me: "That's not a very good plan. Everyone else is alseep."
Ben: "Well, I'm gonna do it If I have to."

Ben: Mommy, what color do you think it's gonna be next time?
Me: "?"
Ben: "Last time it was red, the time before that it was orange, and the time before that it was green...what color do you think it's gonna be next?
Me: "Hmmm...maybe purple?"
Ben: "Wait, why was it all those colors?"
Me: "Well, the Kool-Aid was red, the jello was orange, and the nasty, (and apparently ineffective) medicine was green." (past-date phenergan...totally useless)
Ben: "OH! But why would it be purple next? I didn't drink anything purple."
Me: "I don't know, i was just playing around."

Ben goes on the describe the color and content of his spewing earlier this evening, despit my pleas to "not talk about it anymore." I'll spare you the details.
He's much better today, by the way.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sam is now finished. It's Ben's turn. :-(


...Still puking......

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coming soon!

Coming soon the a blogspot near absolutley ROCKIN' review for yet another FABULOUS read from Ms. Claudia Mair Burney. But things are still a bit blurry here at Roberts Ranch...Sammy was up last night, throwing up and freaking out. What a trip!

Not like I would have been sleeping anyway... I had a book to finish.

Anyway, until I come back, enjoy some Jazz.

P.S. It's Tuesday night and Sammy is still throwing up....may be ahwile before I'm back! :-(

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yes, It's been a few weeks since I've written and I'm not back yet. Sorry Folks! Last week I received, Deadly Charm, the latest book in the Amanda Bell Brown series by Claudia Mair Burney. So, It's gonna be another few days before I write. Because I'll be reading. And doing the Mair dance. And drinking ALOT of coffee.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

So, today we were supposed to got to the Zoo. I bought snacks, bought green leis for St. Patrick's Day. The kids were really, REALLY excited. Then 2 of them got a fever. My bookends..the oldest and the youngest. Abby's been stuffy and drippy and cranky and gassy and not sleeping since yesterday afternoon. I don't know what happened with Wyatt, but he's my high fever kid. He goes from 99.3 to 103. in an hour, and he's reached 104.5 before. So, chosing to err on the side of caution, we stayed home. Since it was St.Patrick's Day we had to have a little fun, and once my sickos were properly medicated, they were up for some festivities! We had story tellings of the Blarney Stone, Leprechauns and the man himself, St.Patrick. We cut out shamrock chains and green link chains. We colored and did mazes to find that pot 'o gold, and we made green frosted cookies. Yummmmmm!

The cat and dog were included in the fun as well. Peeka (poor cat) was sporting a green collar and tail ring. SHe would not stand still for a pic, though. Darcy's food area was decorated with a bit o' the green.

And we're not even Irish!!!

Here are a few more pics.

Hope your St. Patrick's Day was a good one!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Something Charming This Way Comes

Oh, my friends, guess what's heading my way????? I'll give you a hint...I blogged about it and other things like it, back in October. It's yet another lovely aspect of Spring. Spring flowers, warm spring weather, spring break, and spring BOOKS! Can you guess????? Well, scroll down some.....

Deadly Charm by Claudia Mair Burney is available this month, y'all. I don't know when exactly because it doesn't matter. Why, you ask? Well, because I pre-ordered mine back in October. HA! It's paid for. It's on it's way. I don't have to run out to the bookstore and get it. All I have to do is wait. Until March 30, when it is due to arrive at my door.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Morning After

Lizzie had a sleepover party last night to celebrate her 8th birthday. She had 3 sweet friends spend the night. There was pizza, blueberry pie, gifts, and LOTS of giggles well into the night. Some of us are still recovering. Like Peeka. The girls REALLY liked her.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Play That Funky Music!

Saturday was my nephew's 16th birthday party. His mother threw him a party with a funky retro theme. If you didn't come to the party, here's what you missed. It was far out, man.

Here is Morgan, the birthday dude. Sure he looks calm here, but a few seconds before this his put his elbow in the cake.

Flower Power Liz

Far out family

Peace, man.

Elton Abby.

Sam and Groovy Marla


"Here...let me get that off your nose." Wyatt and Anna Frances

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Face

Last night, I finished a book by one of my very favorite authors, Dean Koontz. I read The Face...not a new book but still a groovy read. And a LONG read, but worth it. As with most Dean Koontz books I read, it was the characters that got me, not the plot. Not to say the plot wasn't good, mind you, but I LOVE Dean Koontz's characters. He makes it real easy to like the good guy and despise the bad guy. This bad guy was a truly twisted soul. Just thinking about him irritates me. Oooh, and the worst part is that I imagined him to look like a real life good guy. His description made me think of a guy who comes to sing at out church sometimes. Matt something or other. Matt's not at all a bad guy, but now whenever I see him, I'll think of Corky Laputa, the really, really bad guy. Yes, a bad guy named Corky.

Anyway, there were several very likeable good guys in The Face. The quirky, witty kid... my personal favorite.

There was the hero.

The hero's friend. Both cool.

There was also a likeable, questionable guy. Those are usually my favorite. The characters that charm you right out of your shoes while they are lying, cheating or stealing. They usually come around in the end, if they don't die. Well, this one wasn't my favorite..he was just a bit too freaky for me. But at least I didn't have to worry about him dying at the end of the book because he starts off dead. See? Freaky.

The was another character that I had a really hard time with, but not because he was bad. He was a victim, so I felt sorry for him. But really, my main issue with him was that he was called "the stinky cheese man." Doesn't that make you gag? UGH! I gagged every time I read it and even found myself covering my nose at one point.

Anyway, check out The Face, by Dean Koontz. It's pretty weird, keeps you wondering and may surprise you at the end. It surprised me.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amateur Lent

I haven't given up anything for lent in years! Like, jr. high school days. Why? Well, I'm not catholic, and I always thought of it as a Catholic thing. This year I'm going to do it.

But where to start? Sooooo many vices, only willing to give up one.

One of my vices is time management. Or lack thereof. For example, I don't have daily devotinal time, or quiet time, because I never have the time. However....I do spend alot of time doing stuff I don't need to do, that although isn't bad for me, it does gobble up time I could be using in prayer. And reflecting. Listening, even.

So this year, I'm giving up Facebook for 40 days. ARGH!!! I'm freaking out just thinking about it!!! Looking at those words is just soooo wrong. Can you say ADDICT??? What will become of my facebook farm? ARGH! And my buddies from Texas I only talk to via FACEBOOK. I'm so totally freaking out. I need to go binge...I'll be back. You can count on that, since I won't be facebooking......WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


OK. As far as the kids go, I don't know who has what. We've been passing around a stomach virus...I think we're though with that. My husband, oldest son and yougest son did not get it. Everyone else did. Now we have this crud with "flu-like symptoms". (doesn't everything have flu-like symptoms?) Ben has had fever since yesterday with a drippy nose. I'm in bed with what my awesome doctor called "acute tracheal bronchitis". I guess it's not broncheal bronchitis?? What does that mean? What the difference? In any case he was fairly certain it wasn't the flu because I didn't have a fever. Anyway, Lizzie has been wilting throughout the day, her nose dripping and eyes glazing. My husband just came in and told she now has a fever. Abby seems fine, although she apparently is still having residual gas from the stomach virus. Man, keep your distance, she will knock you out! Anyway, I say all that to say this....stay away. For your own health and the health of your children, stay away. And while you're away, pray for us. If my husband gets sick, it'll be mob rule here.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interview With A Three Year Old Boy.

Here is a brief interview I conducted today during bath time:

Me: Hey Sam-what is your favorite color?
Sam: Umm...Yellow and blue and green...I like all the colors.
Me: What is your favorite animal?
Sam: DINOSAURSES! and Bears. and FISHIES!

(At this point in the interview, Sam began splashing water into the air and singing about rain.)

Me: Do you like the rain?
Sam: YEAH!
Me: Why do you like the rain?
Sam: We can play in it!
Me: What is...
Sam: and we can play in the MUD!
Me: Oh, yeah? Well, what is...
Sam: Mud is sand (pronounced Say-und) and water.
Me: Why do you like mud?
Sam: It's squishy squashy.
Me: What is the best part about rain?
Sam:We get to wear our RAINCOATS!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Great Song

Sometimes a song comes on the radio and it's like someone has been peeking into your soul. Here's mine.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


OK. Several posts back I talked about some books I purchased with my Christmas cashola. One of the books I bought on that lovely afternoon was Wounded by her Royal Awesomeness,Claudia Mair Burney. (I love her, just so you know.)I knew Wounded would be good because, well, Ms. Burney wrote it. I've loved, loved, LOVED everything else she has written, so I was expecting a groovy read. What I was not expecting, however, was to be moved to tears throughout the book. I confess, I cry pretty easily watching sappy movies, no matter how many times I've seen them. I may get misty reading a touching story, particularly stories that involve children. But that's not the kind of crying we had here at Roberts Ranch y'all. I bawled like a baby! Rubbing my eyes, sobbing, snotting all over myself, crying. Why? This book is about suffering.

"Oh, really? A book titled Wounded is about suffering?Hmmmm..who'd have thought?"

Yea,yea, I know. I knew it was about that kind of suffering, the wounds of Christ suffering. I didn't know it was about suffering that I would relate to as I did. Regular suffering. Common everyday suffering that everyday people experience. Rejection. Abandonment. Sickness. Pain. Despair. Fear. Depression. We've all been there, haven't we? To some degree. Some more than others. That's the kind of suffering we see in Wounded. But we also see hope. And faith. And Love. Notice the capital "L" folks. Love from the Father. Love from the Son. Love overflowing. And there is redemption. There is justice. And there most certainly is Passion.

Don't miss this one y'all.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Great Flick!

Wyatt and watched I really funny movie last, Dan In Real Life. It stars Steve Carell who is pee-in-your-pants funny. I'd say it's cool for teenagers as well as grown ups, but little kids probably wouldn't be interested. And it's just too old for them. Anyway, my favorite parts were the scenes involving the teenage daughters, particularly "I love him, I love him I love him I love HIM!!!" and "You are a murderer of LOVE!" But I don't want to spoil it for you, so I'll hush. Check it out, especially if you have teenage daughters. (Elysa and Jim, this means you. y'all. whatever.)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We are family!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Books, books and yes! even MORE books!

Oh my goodness I am just GUSHING with book excitement! First off, let me tell you what's coming in the mail. Today I visited the fine folks at and just FILLED my cart with lots of goodies. Then I proceeded to check out. Then I proceeded to delete all but 2 purchases, as shipping and handling prices are just CrAzY! So, what were the little happies that remained in my cart? Well, the first one I ordered was Wounded by sweet friend Claudia Mair Burney. Ms. Burney just plain rocks. I've bragged on her writing before, and I'm certain to be bragging some more after I've read Wounded. The next little happy I ordered was The Church Ladies, by another sweet friend, Lisa I'm Awesome Samson.. I don't know when this book was was awhile back though. I'm sort of working my way backwards through her books. Anyway, the last book I read by Lisa Samson was Embrace Me, and it made me literally sit up in bed and say...rather loudly.."OH MY GOSH!!! How does she (Ms.Samson) do that??? I had no idea!!"

"No idea about what??" "What did she do?" "What's so amazing?"

Well, let me just give you a clue. She's tricky.

If you want to know more, well, read the book. Not my copy though, because I loaned it to my sweet friend Patti. Anyway, as with Ms. Burney, I have bragged on Lisa Samson's books numerous times on my blog, so get ready for another one after I read The Church Ladies.

So I've got 2 little lovelies heading my way...aren't you excited for me?

But wait, there's MORE!!!! My mom tells me that Ms. Julia is BAAAAACCCKKK!!!! Well, she will be in April, anway. It's Ms. Julia Delivers (by Ann B. Ross) and I'm so sure she will. I love Ms. Julia. I love that she says "I declare!" just like my mother-in-law. if that's not enough...guess what March brings??? Oh, don't guess, let me tell you. March brings Jazz, and I don't mean the music! Yes, yes YES!!!!Oh, joy of all joys, March brings the next book in the Amanda Bell Brown series. That's not too far away, folks. And can you say, "pre-order?" I can, and I did! And so yes, I'm pretty much doing the Mair dance.

And while I wait, I will continue to fill my many free hours minutes with Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin and Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I'll let you know how they are when I'm finished. In case you're wondering.