Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Rhymes with "Octopus"?

Nothing, you say? Well, have I got news for you! I learned this morning while my boys were playing with their much loved LeapPad that there is, indeed, a rhyme for "octopus". I know the suspense is killing you, so i'll cut to the chase and tell you what I heard from the LeapPad....."Name a deep sea creature that rhymes with 'roctopus'. " I'm not kidding. That's what it said. Sort of makes one wonder what qualifies as a legitmate rhyme, since apparently, you no longer have to limit yourself to actual words. Shoot, why stop at "rocktopus?" There's also "bloctopus", "froctopus", and "scoctopus". What about "mocktopus"?

Anyway, I guess roctopus does, in fact, rhyme with octopus. In a Dr. Suess sort of way.


shannon said...

On this day in February, I apologize to Rhonda Perry...I think Rocktopus is a perfectly fine rhyme.