Monday, June 18, 2007

What's in a name?

Here is our youngest son, Sam. His full name is Samuel Whitaker Roberts, but we call him Sam or Sammy or Sam I Am, or even Sambo. If you ask him what his name is, however, he will not admit to any of the aforementioned names. No, no. He will tell you his name is Ben. Or Connor. Or Cake, Cocoa or Candy. Today he told me his name was "Daddy". Until recently, he would not even try to utter the name "Sam", but i caught him in a weak moment the other day. As he was drifting off to sleep at naptime, I held him close and whispered, "I..." He repeated, "I." I whispered, "". He repeated "" I whispered "...Sam." He said "...Ham."
Works for me.


Dartmouthmemere said...

Jackie said to tell you "you write very well"--------


Elysa said...

That's a hoot and a true sign of genius!!! Anna did't start giving out false names til she was at least 3 or 4. LOL!

Elysa said...

P.s. And I have to agree with "Jackie", you DO write very well!