Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm Thankful

Here's a picture of the kids a couple of dogs ago. Abby wasn't here yet!

Here's my girlfriend AnnMarie Barnett and here sweet family, plus my kids. The Barnetts are one the main reasons I miss Texas. We're best buddies, our husbands are friends and our kids are friends and although we miss them terribly we usually get to see them once year. The Barnetts vacation east of us (Florida, Gulf Shores,etc.) so they stop in on their way home!

Abby & I when she was still shiny and new!!

I have alot more to be thankful for,but I'm out of time for now!


Rhonda's mom said...

Thans sooooo much for those pictures! I miss my "little girl" and her babies---especially at this time of the year!

love, hugs and kisses