Saturday, December 6, 2008

Meet Scotty

I would like you to meet another one of my very favorite characters. Her name is Scotty, and you can meet her by reading the "Hollywood Nobody" series by Lisa Samson. Scotty lives in an RV with her hippy mom. She meets glamorous (and not so glamorous) hollywood stars and writes all about it annonymously on her blog.

She's funny and smart and has just enough attitude to be sassy but not obnoxious. Scotty is the best parts of all the teens you know...but she's not perfect y'all! We all know how emotional those teenage years are!!

Anyway, as I said, these books are written by Lisa Samson, one of my favorite favs. I've mentioned her books in the past here at Just a Thought. I've loved everything I've read by Ms. Samson but I think the "Hollywood Nobody" books are the most fun. Why? Because they're about a quirky teen-ager, and haven't we all been quirky teen-agers? I wish I had known a Scotty when I was a teen!

So, you can find out more about these groovy books by checking out this interview with Lisa Samson my BFF Elysa posted awhile back on her blog.

Don't miss out on these books. They're brilliant.

I'm just sayin'.

P.S. Which one of you has my copy of "Embrace Me."??


moma 2 Gods princess said...

And here Im thinking Hollywood Nobody was Abbys Doll LOL!!!!!! Its a BOOK!~

Elysa said...

Not I, "said the cat".

Hope you find your EM soon!