Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interview With A Three Year Old Boy.

Here is a brief interview I conducted today during bath time:

Me: Hey Sam-what is your favorite color?
Sam: Umm...Yellow and blue and green...I like all the colors.
Me: What is your favorite animal?
Sam: DINOSAURSES! and Bears. and FISHIES!

(At this point in the interview, Sam began splashing water into the air and singing about rain.)

Me: Do you like the rain?
Sam: YEAH!
Me: Why do you like the rain?
Sam: We can play in it!
Me: What is...
Sam: and we can play in the MUD!
Me: Oh, yeah? Well, what is...
Sam: Mud is sand (pronounced Say-und) and water.
Me: Why do you like mud?
Sam: It's squishy squashy.
Me: What is the best part about rain?
Sam:We get to wear our RAINCOATS!!!


Elysa said...

Love it!

And I'm sure his mom loves the mud, too. ;)