Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Science Fair

Our homeschool group had a science fair a few weeks back. Wyatt made a worm bed for his science project. This was inspired by his Mammaw who had wanted to start a worm bed for some time. With her generous provisions of a cooler, the worms, the worm food and the peat moss, (which means she bought everything!)Wyatt put together a very cool worm bed. Very handy for the little fisherman. We did not bring the worm bed to the science fair. We didn't want muddy water leaking onto the carpet. But he did have step by step instructions with pictures on his display board. He was mighty proud of himself, as you can plainly see!

Lizzie did her project on horses. Her generous donation...a 12" plastic horse, came from her babysitter, Anna. (Actually, the horse was gift long before the science fair.)Anyway, Lizzie labeled all, or at least alot, of the parts of a horse. She had interesting facts about horses posted on her diaply board. For example, did you know that the first horseshoe was believed to be invented by the Romans and was called a hipposandal? Lizzie also including pictures showing the differences between a western sadle and an english saddle and picture of her favorite type of horse, a Welsh Pony.

This was Ben's first year to enter the science fair. He did his on the life cycle of a frog. We got him a mail-order tadpole and he fed it and watched in transform into a froglet and then a frog. He print out pictures of the different stages and colored them himself. He did some of the labeling as well. Right aftt he was finished, he took the lid off the frog's container to feed him, and don't you know that frog was floating on the top of the water! The DAY BEFORE the science fair, it dies. Well, he was pretty upset, but he pulled himself together and after I convinced him that he didn't need a LIVE model for his display, he proudly stood by his pictures and rubber frogs!

Well, not to be left out of the fun, Sammy also had a science project. He saw Lizzie labeling her horse, grabbed a toy dinosaur and made his own labels. Or label. His display consisted of a demonstration of how dinosaurs ROAR! GREAT WORK GUYS!!!!


Elysa said...

Loved your report and glad to see you have pics. I have tried emailing you all day in response to your query but our email is messed up. I can receive but can't send. Has to do with the virus protection update Jim did this a.m. I'll have to wait til he gets home to fix it.

I'll send pics one day....hopefully...really.

Wyatt Roberts said...

Honey, I am so proud of those guys! Please tell them I said "AWESOME JOB, GUYS!" And, of course, you did a fantastic job herding those cats :) Thank you!