Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things My Kids Have Said

"Momma, for some reason, when it's my birthday and everyone is singing to me, I feel kinda warm." - Ben, age 6, 2/25/10

"Momma! I can walk like a lemon!" - Sam at 3, 1/1/09

"It's such a great day to be tomorrow" - Wyatt Henry, when he was REALLY little.

"I am the bubble fairy, and the spiders are my servants." - Lizzie at age 8, 10/03/09

"Why do you have secret eyes?" - Sam at 4 yrs. old, 5/25/09

"Mommy, was I yelling bleeding murder?" Ben at age 5, 4/2/09

"I didn't forget. I misremembered." Lizzie at age 6

"And running into cheese? You think that is fun?" Sam at age 4, 2/13/10

"Can we go out and play in the frost?" All except Abby, so far, when they see their first frost and think it's snow.

"Daddy, please don't go to work today. If you stay home, I'll do tricks for you all day." Wyatt Henry at age 6.