Monday, September 24, 2007

Autumn: A Celebration for the Senses!

Burning leaves * orange * flannel shirts* quail calling to one another * pumpkin pies *football games*cinnamon & nutmeg *scarecrows* pinecones * crunching leaves * candy corn * s'mores *hot apple cider * spider lilies * hayrides * Canadian geese * Wyatt's chili *cranberry nut bread * Monarch butterflies * denim jackets* crows* Thanksgiving Dinner * harvest festivals * State fairs * sweaters* homemade apple pies* vanilla candles* campfires* walks in the woods


Elysa said...

Thanks for inspiring me with your autumn post. Since you gave your permission, I created a similar one at my blog. I am SO loving this season!!!!

shannon said...

I am going home for my 20th reunion and the homecoming game too...can't wait for real fall football and leaves changing!! I miss NH this time of year...and our walk from Marcucella over to Edgewood...the crisp air and the trees...not quite yet freezing my butt off...not yet cold cold cold