Saturday, September 29, 2007

For Moi?

My girlfriend Elysa bestowed this little happy on my blog the other day! Isn't that sweet? I thought so! I was so moved I decided to remove my Ms. South Carolina video, because making fun of people is not nice. As my husband pointed out, Ms. South Carolina's mother would never have awarded me the Nice Matters award. So, in the spirit of niceness, say good bye to Ms. South Carloina. I don't want anyone to send me the "What a Jerk!" award. That wouldn't be nice at all.

Thanks Elysa!


Elysa said...

Oh've got me laughing over here! :D

Wyatt Roberts said...

I love you, honey. And you know what? I would have voted for you, even if you'd left Ms. South Carolina up. Yes,'re THAT awesome! You go, girl!