Friday, March 6, 2009

The Face

Last night, I finished a book by one of my very favorite authors, Dean Koontz. I read The Face...not a new book but still a groovy read. And a LONG read, but worth it. As with most Dean Koontz books I read, it was the characters that got me, not the plot. Not to say the plot wasn't good, mind you, but I LOVE Dean Koontz's characters. He makes it real easy to like the good guy and despise the bad guy. This bad guy was a truly twisted soul. Just thinking about him irritates me. Oooh, and the worst part is that I imagined him to look like a real life good guy. His description made me think of a guy who comes to sing at out church sometimes. Matt something or other. Matt's not at all a bad guy, but now whenever I see him, I'll think of Corky Laputa, the really, really bad guy. Yes, a bad guy named Corky.

Anyway, there were several very likeable good guys in The Face. The quirky, witty kid... my personal favorite.

There was the hero.

The hero's friend. Both cool.

There was also a likeable, questionable guy. Those are usually my favorite. The characters that charm you right out of your shoes while they are lying, cheating or stealing. They usually come around in the end, if they don't die. Well, this one wasn't my favorite..he was just a bit too freaky for me. But at least I didn't have to worry about him dying at the end of the book because he starts off dead. See? Freaky.

The was another character that I had a really hard time with, but not because he was bad. He was a victim, so I felt sorry for him. But really, my main issue with him was that he was called "the stinky cheese man." Doesn't that make you gag? UGH! I gagged every time I read it and even found myself covering my nose at one point.

Anyway, check out The Face, by Dean Koontz. It's pretty weird, keeps you wondering and may surprise you at the end. It surprised me.