Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

So, today we were supposed to got to the Zoo. I bought snacks, bought green leis for St. Patrick's Day. The kids were really, REALLY excited. Then 2 of them got a fever. My bookends..the oldest and the youngest. Abby's been stuffy and drippy and cranky and gassy and not sleeping since yesterday afternoon. I don't know what happened with Wyatt, but he's my high fever kid. He goes from 99.3 to 103. in an hour, and he's reached 104.5 before. So, chosing to err on the side of caution, we stayed home. Since it was St.Patrick's Day we had to have a little fun, and once my sickos were properly medicated, they were up for some festivities! We had story tellings of the Blarney Stone, Leprechauns and the man himself, St.Patrick. We cut out shamrock chains and green link chains. We colored and did mazes to find that pot 'o gold, and we made green frosted cookies. Yummmmmm!

The cat and dog were included in the fun as well. Peeka (poor cat) was sporting a green collar and tail ring. SHe would not stand still for a pic, though. Darcy's food area was decorated with a bit o' the green.

And we're not even Irish!!!

Here are a few more pics.

Hope your St. Patrick's Day was a good one!


Elysa said...

HA! Love it and love all the pics!!! :D

Glad y'all had so much fun though I'm still sad that we couldn't be together that day.

Wyatt Roberts said...

You are such a good momma! I love you!