Thursday, April 2, 2009

Conversation with Sickling

My 5 year old son Ben was sick as a dog last night. Here are some words we shared while I sat with him in bed. Ben was sick to his stomach..I was wiping his face with a cool cloth.

Ben: "Mommy...was I yelling bleeding murder?"
Me: "It's 'bloody murder'..screaming bloody murder. And no, you weren't, although you were pretty loud."


Ben: "um...mommy, there's something I think I need to do."
Me: "What do you need to do?"
Ben: "Throw up!"

(This wasn't exactly a newsflash...the child had been vomitting all evening and it was now after midnight.)

Ben: "This time I'm going to scream bloody murder."
Me: "That's not a very good plan. Everyone else is alseep."
Ben: "Well, I'm gonna do it If I have to."

Ben: Mommy, what color do you think it's gonna be next time?
Me: "?"
Ben: "Last time it was red, the time before that it was orange, and the time before that it was green...what color do you think it's gonna be next?
Me: "Hmmm...maybe purple?"
Ben: "Wait, why was it all those colors?"
Me: "Well, the Kool-Aid was red, the jello was orange, and the nasty, (and apparently ineffective) medicine was green." (past-date phenergan...totally useless)
Ben: "OH! But why would it be purple next? I didn't drink anything purple."
Me: "I don't know, i was just playing around."

Ben goes on the describe the color and content of his spewing earlier this evening, despit my pleas to "not talk about it anymore." I'll spare you the details.
He's much better today, by the way.


Wyatt Roberts said...

Notwithstanding the subject matter, THAT was hilarious!

Elysa said...

HA! Well then, there's always the description of poo colors. Oh my....