Monday, October 22, 2007


One thing I love about my husband is that he very rarely complains. He's got a great attitude and can make me laugh in just about any situation. This quote makes me think of him. Our life together is always an adventure!

"Children learn from their parents whether life is a wonderful adventure or an endurance of one disappointment after another."

-Valerie Bell
Get Out of Your Kids Faces' and Into Their Hearts


Drewe Llyn said...

Great quote! (And so true.) BTW...I think it is great that you are helping Elysa so much. My 16 year old is eying (sp??) them on Elysa's blog.

Have a great day!

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Thanks Drew Llyn- I hope your daughter buys some jewelry. All of the money goes to the missions trip.

Russell Roberts said...

Yea, I kinda like the little booger too. Especially seeing as how that sucka gave me part of his dang body so I could live! He is awesome. We miss him here at the office :(

Russell Roberts said...

I don't know why some of my posts don't show up but I tried to comment on the booger. I love that sucka! How many people would give up a dang body part so their brother could live. He has got it going on like a dadgum chicken bone.