Friday, October 19, 2007

My Husband The Hottie

Now, I'm not one to brag, but my husband is truly a hottie. In fact, he's so hot, his temperature reached 105.4 the other night. Now that's HOT! But, that's my honey...never does anything half way! I'm glad to report that he's recovered nicely, although he still has a sore throat. Thanks to lots of prayer, pills, ice packs and even frozen blueberries, we brought his fever down from 105.4 to 103.2. (You know you're in bad shape when people are happy to see the thermometer read 103.2) Today, he's completley normal. Well, he's back to himself, anyway. And tomorrow, we'll be having Bluberry pancakes for breakfast.


robin said...

Frozen blueberries?! Too many berries and not enough peas in your freezer? I'm sorry to hear Wyatt was so sick, but relieved that he's doing better. Anyone else feeling "hot"?

Elysa said...

Praise God he's doing better! :)

dartmouthmemere said...

Just another reason why I'm soooo proud of my daughters! Always able to handle anything life throws at them! Way to go Rhonda-----