Monday, October 8, 2007

School Boy

Today, My husband and I enrolled Wyatt Henry in public school. Yes, public school. And, I'm happy to report, the sun still rose & set, the earth did not stop spinning, and I have not dropped over dead. Yet. After a somewhat rocky start in the office due to some missing documentation (that I was so certain I had) Wyatt was settled in with other lil' boogers in his new second grade class. He came home on the bus, which fulfills one of his life long ambitions. You'd have thought the child had been gone to a foreign country for months if you had seen the welcome he received. Siblings running out to meet him, hugs from all of them and mom chanting "Wy-att! Wy-att! Woooo-hoooo!!" After the ballyhoo ( i love that word) died down, Wyatt Henry came into the house, sat down at the kitchen table and said to his brothers and sister, "OK guys, I have to do my homework." And there he sat, eating his snack and doing his homework, until it was finished. Granted it was only 2 pages, but this is WYATT!!! After he finished his homework, he put it in his notebook, got his library book out of his bag, and read. By himself. Without being threatened. WYATT!!! He made a few phone calls to grandparents, and aunts and then READ SOME MORE! To his siblings, no less! Again, without being told. After he'd been home for about an hour, he asked to watch a little TV. Well, sure you can watch TV, Boy-who-looks-like-Wyatt! The rest of the evening progressed normally until at 8:05 he noticed the time and said, "BEDTIME! Guys, it's bedtime!!" Ok.....who is this child? More tomorrow.


Russell Roberts said...

That boy is all that and a bag of chips! Go! Go! Go! Show Wylo this post. His uncle loves him.

Elysa said...

LOL! And so glad you didn't fall over dead. ;)