Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bittersweet Update

Alas! Our phone is out again. This is somewhat frustrating, yet rather pleasant. In the few short hours our phone did work, it rang just about non-stop. (ok, slight exaggeration) These calls came while my youngest baby was crying VERY loudly because she was sick to her stomach. So, although it is wonderful to hear from a beloved friend or family member, I welcome the peace and quiet of "no phone" today. If you do call, you can leave a message because somehow our voicemail does work. I will use my cell to check messages throughout the day. However, please don't try to reach me on my cell, since I don't get reception in the house and will have to run outside to answer the phone. This gets old after awhile, especially with 2 sick babies. Which brings me to yet another update/warning. We are UNCLEAN!!Those of you with sensitive immune systems (and you know who you are) best avoid our quaint little cottage until the quarantine has been lifted. Merry Almost Christmas!

P.S. Now the phone is working and the voicemail isn't so.....good luck to ya!


Elysa said...

Well, UNCLEAN may y'all be, but I still love your family to bits! Praying for healing. And I will NOT be calling! LOL!

BTW, I KNOW you're gonna be ready for some girl-time by the time the homeschool moms' Christmas party rolls around. Want me to come get you? It'll add to the fun! :)

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Yes! That'll be big fun...Thanks!

Elysa said...

I'm going to try to call you about jewelry later this morning. We'll see if its STILL working! LOL!