Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What's up with THAT?

Lately I've been making alot of beaded jewelry. I've really enjoyed it, although I am concerned by one little oddity. I often times am tempted to taste my creations. I recently made a pink and white bracelet that reminded me very much of cream savers candy. In fact, it looks so good, I've decided I need to buy it and keep it for myself. Last night I made one with beads that look like Root Beer Barrells, and last week I made a very juicy looking orange bracelet. I think I need help.


dartmouthmemere said...

OK darlin'---think "chocolate!!!

Love you!


Elysa said...

Oooooh...do you love Creme Savers, too? Yet ANOTHER thing that we have in common! My favorites are the strawberry and orange ones. Or maybe those are the ONLY flavors?

ANYWAY...I love them ALMOST as much as chocolate...and that's saying a WHOLE BUNCH!

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Strawberry is my favorite, which is why I wanted to eat my bracelet. Just wait...you'll see what I mean!

Elysa said...

Looking forward to seeing it...and tasting it, too. ;)