Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So, How Was Your Day??

I hope everyone had a good day today. But just in case someone didn't have a good day and needs a laugh, let me tell you about my day. My first mistake actually took place last night when stayed up past midnight reading, knowing I would have to get up at 5:30. pfh! Needless to say, I got up late. After my sweet husband brought me coffee in bed, I dragged my sorry self up and into the living room. I don't really remember how the morning went, so I guess nothing terrible happened. Some time in the late morning my mother in law called and asked if she could pick up Wyatt H from school and take the older 3 kiddos to the movies. Sure! Except she's not on the "ok to pick my child" list since she lives in Petal. So, on my way to run my errands, I stop by the school to give her security clearance. After that I'm off to get my Mississippi driver's license...finally. Except I when I get to where I thought I was supposed to go, I find that the office has been moved. I'm told by a man in the parking lot that I need to go to Whitfield. (no surprise there!) He says the office I want is somewhere near the correctional facility. Ok, so I'm off towards Brandon. Except I miss the exit for 20 and somehow end up going back towards Florence on 49S. (still not sure how that happened) Anyway, I check the time and decide since I have to back home within an hour, I would skip Whitfield and just get my haircut. Well the first place I go to can't fit me in till 2:00. Not good. So off I go to another place. This place had no wait, which should have been warning number 1. But no, not for me. "Just a bob, same length all the way around", I tell the hairdresser. She got started and I kept watch to make sure she didn't go Scissorhands on me. All looked fine. Of course, I don't have eyes in the back of my head, and that is where I needed them today. Apparently, "same length all around" means "just hack away" to the hairdresser. All I will say is that I had to take matters into my own hands when I got home, and strangely enough, I did make some improvements. At this point my headache returns, so I take some medicine and make some coffee. I decide I will blog a bit to take my mind off what used to be my hair. First I checked my email. I then unsuccessfully try to post a simple logo on my blog. I try this many times in several different ways before I send up a signal for help from a trustworthy friend. I confess to her that I am somewhat computer challenged, and as if to drive the point home, I send the email off to not only her but my entire yahoo homeschool group. At least 50 people. She graciously offers to help me so I email her my password. Her and the 50 other people in my yahoo homeschool group. Because why would you only want to make that mistake once? Shortly after that little trick, my son came to me crying and asked me to pray for his hurt nose. "Now this I can handle", I think to myself. I then proceed to Thank God for Sammy and ask Him to heal Sammy's nose. Except Ben is the child in pain. Now he's also offended. Thankfully my husband is on his way home now so it won't be long before I get into bed before I make another brilliant move. My sister in law invited me to a spa party tonight, and I sure could use it. But considering my track record today, the last thing I need to be doing is driving across a lake to her house.


Elysa said...

SO SORRY for your very bad, terrible, no good, rotten day but it surely made for some laughable blog fodder! It had ME chuckling!!!! LOL!

P.S. If this is sort of a repeat comment, its because I got an error message when trying to post a comment a couple of minutes ago.

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Yes, well I can laugh now as well. And I did get my driver's license renewed today. And if I just look in the mirror at the front of my hair and not the back, it's not that bad.