Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Boy Who Cried "Sick!"

OK. I had to pick up Wyatt Henry from school yesterday. His teacher called me and said he was complaining of a stomach ache and that he didn't look good. When I picked him up, he did look a little pale and was acting pretty lethargic. We pulled over twice on the way home because he thought he might throw up.(but he did not) When he got in the house however, he made a miraculous recovery almost instantly! He remained in good health for the rest of the day. At bedtime, he said his stomach hurt. I gave him antigas medicine and sent him to bed. He slept fine all night, and got up saying his stomach hurt. He was fine through breakfast, got dressed and was off to school. No fever. Looks fine. Yet here he is, back home with me. He told his Dad he did't feel well and now he's home, on the couch. He is extremely congested and his tonsils are huge. He's acting fine and doesn't have a fever. He's offended (of course) at the suggestion that he might not be so sick. He occasionally complains of a stomach ache, but for the most part acts fine. Of course, he was acting fine on Friday night when he went to the football game where he threw up in the bleachers. Sooooooo... anyone want to call it?


Russell Roberts said...

I'd let the boy stay home myself. I remember pulling the same trick when I was a yungun. Couple days away from school ought to cure him.