Saturday, December 8, 2007

What??? No "Faith Seed"?

In the age of money-hungry TV Evangelists, it's so refreshing to read these words penned by Corrie ten Boom in her book Tramp For The Lord.

The people in America seem to think that I should not hesitate to ask for money for my ministry, which supports other ministries such as Bible and book translations in many parts of the world. However, from the very beginning of my ministry I have felt it was wrong to ask for money-even to ask for travel expenses. I did not want to be paid for "services rendered." I simply wanted to preach the Gospel and let the Lord provide for me.

She goes on to tell of a time when she felt the Lord had not wanted her to accept a check for a large sum of money, and how the giver of the check was greatly offended and stormed out of the room. When her speaking engagement was finished, Ms. ten Boom returned to her room and prayed as she wondered...

Was it wrong to speak of my own work while at the same time I urged people to be converted or to forgive their enemies? Was it wrong to listen to these Americans who were urging me to receive collections for my ministry?The answer was very clear from the Lord. "From now on you must never again ask for money." Great joy entered my heart and I prayed, "Heavenly Father, You know that I need more money than offer before. But from this day on I shall never ask for a penny. No guarantees before I come to speak. No travel expenses. Not even a place to stay. I will trust in You, believing that you will never forsake me."

Did you catch that? Here, let me write that again:

The answer was very clear from the Lord. "From now on you must never again ask for money." Great joy entered my heart..." (emphasis mine)

Is that not incredible? We're not talking about a millionare here, folks! These are the words of a woman who was thrown into a Nazi work camp when she was in her fifties and came out with NOTHING! No cash, no home, nothing. Yet, the Lord didn't tell to her to ask people to sow a "faith seed" into her ministry. No love offering. Hm. Interesting.

Years after her release, Ms.ten Boom returned to Germany to minister to those who had imprisoned her and her family. She was an amazing woman, a true servant, and her sister Betsy was such a picture of Christ. If you've not read anything by Corrie ten Boom, you need to check her out. Start with "The Hiding Place."


Drewe Llyn said...

I love Corrie Ten Boon. She is a true hero and role model, even though I'm sure she would have said otherwise.

Hope your crew is feeling better!

Russell Roberts said...

That was an excellent post. Corrie Ten Boom kicks Benny Hinn's butt!

Rhonda Jeanne said...

She was an excellent woman!