Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gladys Aylward

There are so many great missionaries to write about, but one of my favorites is Gladys Aylward. She was a missionary to China, and led about 100 Chinese children through the wilderness (during a war) to the Yellow River. If you don't think that is just awesome, try leading 5 children through walmart. Anyway, Ms. Aylward's faith and love for the children of China made such an impact on the Mandarin that he converted to Christianity. Try the book The Little Woman by Gladys Aylward and Christine Hunter. Or, if you're not a reader, check out the movie The Inn of the Sixth Happiness with Ingrid Bergman.


dartmouthmemere said...

Where do you find the time to read???? i saw the movie "The Inn of the 6th Happiness"-----same story????

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Same story!

Elysa said...

I loved the book and the movie...though I could have lived without Hollywood throwing in a romance that never existed. Rolling my eyes here.