Monday, January 28, 2008

The Family Bed

A few years back...well, about 10 years back actually, Wyatt and I saw a documentary type show that we found to be rather...interesting. It was about attached parenting and "the family bed." As you might guess from the the term, the family bed is the one bed where ALL the family members sleep together. Well, actually, it was a bunch of regular size beds pushed together to form a BIG honking mattress. Each person did have there own "bedspace". In any case while I appreciate strong realtionships between parents and children, I am not a family bed gal. Neither is my husband a family bed guy. Yet, you'd never know this if you peeked in our bedroom each morning. We've never alone. Their's ALWAYS a small person with us. They sometimes sneak in during the night. Other times they're sick or crying....fell out of bed, bad dream, gotta pee...whatever the drama may be, they end up in our bed. And every now and then they're bold and just climb in laughing. What does it take y'all? A fence around the bed? Surely they'd climbed over or dig under. Each morning Wyatt and I wake up all creaky. Somebody help us!


Wes said...


You might need to send Wyatt to the hardware store to pick up a locking door knob.


Stephanie said...

haha this happens to us too. My daughter comes in and wakes me... tells me her tummy doesn't want to sleep downstairs. Or my son sees monsters in the window. Tonight we have daughter in the guest bedroom and son on the floor in our room. The floor was our compromise. It takes alot of energy to keep them where they belong. I shudder to think what will happen once Connor gets out of his crib. My answer, go to bed earlier to make up for the interrupted sleep that is bound to come later. And by chance it doesn't then you are ahead for the next night. You got to be devious to outsmart them.