Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Snowing in the Pines..... was snowing in the pines. Now it's melting in the pines. But it was really pretty to watch for the few hours we had it. And my kids loved it! Well, sort. Ben and Sam, who had never seen snow before, had sort of a love/hate reaction to it. Sam loved it until he fell in it and discovered it was wet. Ben had a similar reaction when realized that snow will make your hair wet. Both boys came to the front door WAILING..."I want to come in!!!!" As they peeled off their wet socks, Ben whimpered, "It feels like I have some Snow Disease!"

Click here to see a Mississippi snowman at McLelan Farm!


Elysa said...

I've got a couple of kids who definitely resemble your sons. I said that I did NOT want to hear them whining NEXT year about never getting any snow because this year they whined so much about how cold and wet it is. Kids. Rolling my eyes over here at MacLellan Farm.