Thursday, January 31, 2008

The store or the goat?

Which costs more, owning a few goats or buying milk from the store? What if you have a family of 6 milk drinkers, and one soymilk drinker? Can the soymilker with an allergy to cow's milk drink goat's milk without incident? I don't know folks, but we're fixing to find out. More at 10:00.


Stephanie said...

My mom and stepfather had a goat farm for a number of years. We had Nubians just like the ones in the picture. Man I love goats. They are so fun.

I kn ow how to milk them too if you need my help. ^_~

Rhonda Jeanne said...

I know NOTHING about goats except they're CUTE! Except the ones with super tiny ears...what's up with that?

Wyatt Roberts said...

They ARE cute! (And you are, too :-)

Stephanie said...

well you are going to have to learn to milk them my friend.

Nubians have the richest milk, btw.

Tiny ears do not equal low milk production.

Elysa said...

So y'all are really getting GoAtS?!?!? WOW!!!!