Monday, April 14, 2008

La la la Live OUT LOUD!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Guess who's coming to Mississippi? Cutey Patootie and incredible singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman!!! April 24th at First Baptist Church in Clinton...A Mostly Acoustic Evening with Steven Curtis Chapman. So, well, whatcha waitin' for? Get you some tickets! Say hey to ol' Stevie boy for me cause I'm not going. I hate big groups like that. If I could just blink my eyes and be in my seat at the concert, and then blink my eyes and be home when it's over, I'd go. But driving?? In all that traffic? ew. But you know, it IS Steven Curtis Chapman. He is one of the three I would find worth the pain and suffering. (Michael W. Smith and James Taylor being the first 2.) Then there's the whole babysitting thing. Anyone I would feel good about leaving all my kids with would not be available, because hello???they'd be with me at the concert! So, whatever, I'll catch these guys sometime. I think the last concert I went to was at a rodeo in Austin, TX. I me a minute......Steve Warner. Wow, I'm sort of embarrased I forgot his name for a sec. Anyway, rodeo concerts aren't really concerts....they're almost concerts. It's a few songs between barrell racing and pole bending. Before that I think it must have been Bruce Springsteen when I was in high school. Man. Maybe I should go to this one. I think it's time.


Elysa said...

You are NOT sitting yourself at home and missing this concert because SCC is MY MOST ALL-TIME FAVORITE CHRISTIAN ARTISTS and YOU are GOING WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got it, sistah?

We'll work out details tomorrow.

Call me.

Its done.

No arguing.

I'm driving.

We're going.

So there.




Rhonda Jeanne said...

LOL! You're CRAZY! Ok, lemme talk to Wybo.

Elysa said...

Talk, baby, talk...and then let's DO IT!

Rhonda's mom said...

Gosh, I miss ALL THE FUN! I mean-----babysitting! If I were there, I could play with the little ones and then EVERYONE could go! Elysa, you are the BEST!

Wyatt Roberts said...

"Cutey Patootie?" }:^(

Rhonda Jeanne said...

cute like a puppy.