Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Adventures in Reading

Let me take this moment to thank Lisa Samson for stepping up to the plate and saving my summer reading from disaster. In the past few weeks, I've read several books that were somewhat of a disappointment. I have several authors I LOVE to read. All of them had new books released this past spring. Two of the books I read were ok...not as excellent as I had expected. One ended horribly and the other was still good, just not great. Somewhere between those two books, I read The Shack. Most Excellent.
Shortly after that, my husband gave me "Embrace Me" by Lisa Samson for an anniversary gift.

Sigh. Happy, contented sigh.

This book needs the glowing halo one often sees in Catholic depictions of Jesus. Can you hear the heavenly choir? I'm telling y'all, you have GOT to read this book. WOW! Oooh, I just can't put it's awesomeness into words!!! Uh-uh-uh.


lisa s. said...

Rhonda, thanks so much for this post. I'm so happy you liked Embrace Me. You made my day! (Elysa alerted me and I think we should proclaim her Queen of Internet Networking! :-D She's awesome.)


Rhonda Jeanne said...

Honey I LOVED Embrace Me! You rock. I love Queen Elysa, she's so groovy.

Rhonda's mom said...

Oh great! I'll never get my pictures in albums, never put my 45's in order, never get my family tree done ( both sides of the family ya know!) ---cuz----NOW I have another book to read! Thanks a lot, daughter of mine! Oh, and don't think for a minute the house will be clean when you visit!

Elysa said...

That's okay, Rhonda's mom...she'll feel right at home if you don't get it too clean. ;)

Though believe me, her house is always a WHOLE lot neater than mine. QUAKER SUMMER impacted me, but I've still got a LONG, LONG way to go where the decluttering and cleaning is concerned.

And by the way, its easy to network when the subject of the networking is so worthy!

Mwwaaa-a-a-a-ah from the Queen of Quite-a-lot who is trying to become the Queen of not-so-much,

Rhonda Jeanne said...

And everyone under 30 is saying, "What's a 45?"