Thursday, August 14, 2008

Catching Up

Ok, so I've been gone for a few days, but not really gone. We've had an action packed week here at Roberts Ranch Academy. We started homeschool again on Thursday of last week, had a birthday celebration for my husband on the 13th,, I guess that's all but it has seemed REALLY busy around here! Well, we did spend a morning watching the Olympics at a friend's house....that's something, right? OH! That's what we've been doing ...OLYMPICS! Gotta go!...

Ok, nevermind. They're still swimming....sheesh! I'm so ready to get out of the water cube.

Anyway! So yes, we've been watching the Olympics in the morning, doing school and chores in the afternoon and then watching more Olympics at night. Last night I finally got my fix of gymnastics, but it wasn't nearly enough, folks. I'm all about Ladies Gynnastics.

Let's see...what else...OH!I did some canning today as well. Spiced pears, using pears from my sweet sister-in-law Tammy. And I made bread. White bread, that is. None of that healthy,whole grain stuff for us! Ok, actually we really prefer the whole grain stuff, but I was making the bread to eat with Spaghetti for dinner. So, you know, gotta be white bread. Oh, yea I also made the sauce myself and do you think anyone ate the sauce? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just me. And Abby, but she doesn't get to choose. Plus, she only ate like 4 bites. Wyatt, my sweet and wonderful husband always eats the sauce, but he was still full from lunch. So, yea. A big crock pot full of homemade sauce (with dried basil from my other sister-in-law Marla's garden, thank you very much!) and my kids chose to put margarine and grated cheese on their pasta. Not even real butter, or fresh grated parmesan, mind you. Uh-uh, not my kids. The fake stuff...the big ol' tub of %40 spreadable vegetable oil and the shaker of dried parmesan stuff. why?

And why am I so tired if we haven't been doing all that much? I really thought I'd have alot to catch y'all up on, but...well, it's just not happening. I don't get it, I was certain I was tired for a reason.

Well, in any case, I guess I'll just tell you what's going on here. Right now the boys are cleaning their room, and fighting. It's really more fighting than anything. For example, we just heard my oldest son (8 yrs.) say to his 5 yr. old brother, "I'm SO telling!" and then he came stomping down the hall. Before he could make his case before the judge, the defendant (5 yr. old) came running out with a flashlight saying, "I meant to hit myself!" hmm. At this point, the prosecuter yelled, "You AIMED at me!" The judge punished the defendant, who went back into the room crying. After that, the informer (3yr.) told us that the defendant was still crying. Then he hurt himself and is now repeating, "Owwie, owwie, owwie..." and the defendant still cries, while the prosecuter, who has been dubbed Leader of the Brothers Cleaning Crew, is left to rally the troops, get everyone back on track and get the room cleaned, for the 4th night in a row, so they can go to bed. As I type this my daughter just poked her head up from the couch and said, "Mommy! We won!First and Second place." News to me, since I sent her to bed about 30 minutes ago. So it's 9:30, bedtime was an hour and a half ago, and the baby is the only child in bed. So, now I remember why I'm tired.

Ooooh! Women's all around final in gynastics is tonight! This is bittersweet, because although I'm excited to see it, I apparently missed everything BEFORE the finals.

Reckon how that happend????


ifemme said...

You have your schedule filled... my week was a busy one too, trying to get my girls ready for school with supplies, clothes, registration, and immunization while doing the mama me thing too. Wishing you a great weekend!

Elysa said...

Have you checked out my blog today for T's take on the Olympics? Oh my. And I left out the worst part when he called them "dopey"...more than once. Aye-yi-yi. That kid.

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Yes I did!! Heeeheehee!!! I guess he's ready to move on, eh?

Elysa said...

Move on is a HUGE understatement.

BTW, my kids NEVAH fight. NEVAH, EVAH, EVAH. That black eye that one of them had this summer? I assure you that it was caused by running into something. Really.