Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Call me shallow...

Several of my sweet grilfriends often have deep and meaningful posts on their blogs. Some post about serving the poor, other share the depths of their soul. My husband often writes articles exposing those who smear the name of Jesus with false doctrine and teaching new age garbage, and my brother-in-law authors lengthy and thought provoking articles about the interpretation of scripture, occasionally accompanied by an equally provocative picture. I, however, in an effect to NOT succumb to peer pressure, am posting a very excellent video of a young woman who is HUGE here in the Roberts house. All of the children sing her songs. Yes, even Abby, the almost 2 year old. She strolls through the house mumbling, "Drew me..." in her little voice. Sigh. Anyway, I just finished watching this video and thought I would share it for several reasons. 1.) I believe she is truly singing during this performance. 2.) I saw an interview on CMT when she is credited for the creativity of this performance. 3.) She is just too cute at the end when she realizes George Straight is in the front row and standing up, clapping for her. So enjoy Taylor Swift. Then go back to praying for starving children, loving the homeless and dying, exposing the bad guys and teaching the Word of God.


Elysa said...

Daughter B says that she's probably the one you can thank for introducing your sweet, innocent children to Taylor Swift! ;D

BTW, I may have plenty of posts about children in Africa, but you CAN'T overlook my Muppet videos!


Elysa said...

Hey again---

I just wanted you to know that I wanted to become a blog follower but my security settings wouldn't allow it. If I figure out, or JIM figures out, how to fix the situation, you know I'll be a follower of your fun blog, my darling friend!

But even if I can't be an official "follower" you can know that I'm checking it every single day! :D