Tuesday, September 2, 2008

'nother Good Book

A fellow book lover loaned me this book which I really liked. Not surprising since I have loved every book this particular friend has loaned me. Great minds, you know...(except for her affinity for Cold Yucky Sassy Tree, but maybe that's a because I'm a transplant, and she is a true southerner)

ANYWAY...this latest book she loaned me is Bad Idea by Todd and Jedd Hafer. It's a quick read and filled with great characters, both likeable and annoying. Of course the most annoying of all is a character named Rhonda. Nice, huh? My book loaning friend assures me that when she loaned me the book, she "forgot" the annoying girl shared my name. hm. Both she and her teenage daughter "forgot." Uh-huh. Well. As I was saying...Bad Idea is a really good read. Not fluffy but still fun. Not too heavy but still deals with some heavy issues. And VERY unpredictable. There were several moments when I thought "What? Really?" and "OH MY GOSH, Uh-uh!!!!" So, check it out.

And, by the way, I remember ALL of the characters' names.

Just sayin'.

oooooh lookie! There's another one! I must have it! Wonder if there are any characters named Elysa????


Nyan said...

"Wonder if there are any characters named, Elysa?"

I seriously doubt it, but I guess you'll have to buy it so you can read it and then loan it to me so we can make sure, huh?

Off to go listen to more of Rush's gushing about Sarah Palin! :D

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Guess so!!