Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back again

It has been 22 months since my last blog entry.

What. A. Slacker.

In my defense, I have been a little busy. And I have been posting on FB.

AND, most importantly, I have kept up with Tom Petty Tuesday.

Well, there is no way I can fill you in on all the crazy happenings over the last year in one post. It has been a beautiful, wondrous, heartbreaking, painful, exciting and tedious year and a half. I visited with family alot. We moved to a new home, hosted our first Thanksgiving, went to too many funerals, and celebrated many wonderful birthdays. I ran my first 5K and the following year, shaved 5 minutes off my time. I gained weight. I lost some people I loved. I've made new friends and connected with old friends. I've read ALOT of good books, and seen a few good movies. I gave up sugar. It has been action packed 9 days out of 10, and I just didn't find the time to write. But I intend do that now. Find the time. Make the time. Because I do enjoy writing.

I was going to interview my daughter Abby for today's blog post, but she answered every question with "I'm not telling you." Makes for a pretty lame interview. Her older sister was not interested either. So for today, I will leave you with a repost from several years ago.

And welcome back :-)