Friday, February 22, 2008

Friend defines a friend as "a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. "

Who are your friends? Are they family members? Some of mine are. Some aren't. Some of my friends are people I talk mostly with online and have only known for a short time. Some I've known since childhood. Some I see every week, some I haven't seen in years. Some have made so mad I could spit nails, others have never been anything but wonderful. Are you married to your best friend? Some are. I think alot of people say that because it sounds nice. What is a best friend? What makes one friend good, one better and one the absolute best. Can you lose "best friend" status? If you bestow best friend status on someone, and then you find another "best friend"...what does THAT mean? Must you then make new catergories for best friends? Like "best friend from home" or "Best friend from college" or "or Best work friend". Then there's "best Christian friend". If you've moved alot, you've got more categories. "Best fFriend from Texas" "Best Friend from Mississippi". Why do we ladies do this? Men don't have best friends, do they? I don't know. They have buddies. My husband had 300 "buddies" he invited to our wedding. If ask a man who their best friend is they will look at you funny or dumbfounded and probably say something like, "What, like a person?" They're probably thinking, "Sex. Yeah, that's a good friend" or "Hunting. I like hunting." Maybe sports. A dog. I'm not sure if they seperate activities very much from people. I recently saw a billboard for Healthy Marraige Mississippi (or some thing like that). It had a picture of a man in bed with a deer, and had some slogan like "Hunting won't keep you warm at night." Now, as my husband stated, this is just plain stupid. That means NOTHING to a man. A man will look at that and think," I hunt in the morning or day time. What does one have to do with the other?" If you tell a man they are not your best friend anymore, they won't care. "what? best friend?ok.uh....hey, gotta dip?"
What about God? Can He be a friend? Shoot, He made you didn't he? Do you think He doesn't know what you're really like? Yet, you're still here. Chances are you haven't been zapped by lighting for the last bad thought you had...there's still time to fess up and ask forgiveness. And He would grant it. The bible tells me so. I'd say that's a friend, wouldn't you?

I could just keeping going with this... all day.....flappy flappy flappy flapping my pie hole... but my mud mask is way too dry. My kids are asking me questions and it's hard to talk with this cement like stuff on your face. There's really no point to this post other than to get you to ponder friendship.It's not the same for everyone.

Here is how you say "My friend" in a bunch of different languages:

Spanish: Mi Amigo
French: Mon Ami
German: Mein freund
Greek : Ο φίλος μου (That's helpful isn't it?) Try "philos"
Portuguese: Meu Amigo
Italian: Il mio amico
Dutch: Mijn vriend
Japanese:I don't know,
but here is how you say "Don't touch me!" "Sawaranaide!"

And Check THIS out! In Swaziland, Africa, friend is "nkhosi"...
pronounced "in-koe-see"...the same name they use for the Lord!


Elysa said...

I'm so glad that God has given you to me. I needed an nkhosi like you in my life. :)


Russell Roberts said...

Rhonda, you should write a book. You are a very talented writer. Good post. I move that we strike the term 'best friend' from our vocabulary. Any seconds on that motion?

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Thanks Russ! I'd like to write a book someday.
But what to say?? Nothing really relevant.