Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ever break the camera? I don't mean dropping it and breaking it, but someone takes your picture and the camera breaks. Ever happen to you? Well, it happened to me once, on my wedding day. That's a whole other story, but suffice to say we have plenty of wedding pictures anyway.
Anyway, if you've ever "broken the camera", you're aware of the joking and jesting that comes with it. Now imagine, if you will, breaking the scale. Oh yeah, that's BIG fun, pun intended. I know because I did this. Our bathroom scale is broken (oh so sad boo-hoo) and I'm the one who did it. I know this not because springs came popping out of it when I stepped on. If that happened I might con myself into believing it was broken before I got on it and I just didn't know it. I know I broke it because it is STUCK with the pointer thingie pointing at my weight. I stepped on the scale, the dial moved to the "correct" weight. I stepped off the scale, and apparently, the little dial stayed put. I didn't notice this at time, but rather the next day when I raised my foot to step on the scale. Before I even touched a toe down on it, there was my weight, glaring back at me. (Sort of like, Don't bother honey, we both know how much you weigh.) Great. I stepped on it anyway, thinking I could jar it into becoming unstuck. uh-uh. Instead, it just kept on trucking, adding an additional 100 whatever pounds. So now, instead of reading my true weight, it read my true weight DOUBLED! eeeeek! I jumped off the scale and quickly looked over my shoulder. I then tried messing around with it, tried bringing it back to zero, but nothing worked. My husband tried fixing it. No dice. Well, I must confess, although I am slightly emabarrassed, I'm not at all sad about the broken scale. Pfh! To it, I say "Hasta!" "See ya!" "Good ridance, little square mechanical liar. I never believed you anyway."
I'm grateful it wasn't one of those hateful scales that talk to you, saying your weight out loud. Oy vey, what a nightmare that would be, hearing your weight over and over and OVER again! It would be like the Scale version of Poe's Tell-Tale Heart. ew.... creepy.