Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Has It Really Been THAT Long?

GUESS WHAT??!!?!! I just received an invitation to my 20th High School Reunion! How on earth did 20 years go by so quickly? Now, I wasn't at all popular in HS, but I did have a few very good friends that I still keep in touch with today and would LOVE to see. I even have connected with one I didn't know too well in HS, but really enjoy talking to now and would love to see her too. I've not been to any other reuions for HS or college...but this is the 20th. Aren't I obligated??? I think maybe I should at the very least give a healthy try! It's not till November, so that gives me plenty of time to save money for me and my husband to go, enough time to find a sitter (or 2) and plenty of time to loose about 20 pounds. Ok 30. Whatever. Plus, it's New England in the fall!!!! So completely beautiful and romantic. Yes, we need to go. Don't you think? Honey? Please?


Rhonda's mom said...

Yes yes yes!!! "honey" will say yes! It will be so fun for you to see your friends. Your mom will help you with arrangements. Good idea. 20 years---wow!

Elysa said...

Definitely go! I have had such a blast at my reunions. And don't worry about the extra curves...almost everyone else has also been gifted that way over the last 20 years. And at least you still have HAIR! We women worry about the figure while the guys are worrying about their scalps. Oh, we insecure people.

shannon said...

went to my 20th, and it was wonderful. And fall in new england...I want to be a Dartmouthian! HA!