Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All day today

I'm not a career gal. I love, love, LOVE being home. I don't miss working in an office. I know some moms do, but not me. I am the embodiment of "homebody". I border on antisocial. Some days I plunge over the border and wallow around in my antisocialness. (new word) I do get out every now and then...I have 5 really good reasons not to stay locked away in the house all day. These 5 reasons are also 5 laundry makers, homewreckers and dish dirtiers and eaters. They basically go around all day undoing whatever I do, so at the end of the day the house can look worse than it did before the day began, yet I'll be exhausted from cleaning it. Then I walk around thinking, "How did this happen? I know I did something today. I know I did. I know I washed the towels today....why are we out of clean face cloths? Where are all the handtowels?"

"How many times am I really expected to answer this question? Must we have this exact same conversation every blessed day?"

"Help, me Lord."

"Why am I sticking to the floor I just washed?"

"What day is it?"

and I say things like this:

"What do you mean you're out of underwear? I just washed put 3 pairs in your drawer last night! You've worn all 3 between bedtime and waking up?"

"I know I put shoes on you before we left the house. How could they disappear between the house and Walmart?"

"We're out of milk?? How can that be? I just bought 2 gallons a few days ago."

"Where is Ben?"

" I just told you NOT to pour yourself a drink, and that I would do it for you. I tell you that everytime you open the fridge....I know you hear me...I know you hear me....stop! Hello!!! Am I talking???"

You get the picture. After a few years of this, the question "What did you do all day?" is really offensive. After more than a few years of this, I no longer know the answer. It's all a blur, really. So today, I wrote things down. Partly for my own sanity, partly so I would have something to blog about tonight. So here it is...what I did all today.

Coffee in bed
Make breakfast for Abby
Write grocery list, plan dinner. (this will change at least 4 times before dinner)
Bathe Abby
Make breakfast for Ben
Move potted pants to sunny area of the yard.
Put Abby down for a nap because she is terrorizing her older brothers.
Check email. Blog a little.
Breakfast for Wyatt Henry...sweep floor
Clean yard
Iron clothes
Get Abby out of, she never fell asleep.
Lunch...Sweep floor
Prune rose bush
More gardening
Pick Blueberries
Water Berry bushes. Water kids.
Abby goes down for a real nap.
check email
shower...again...realize I forgot to put on sunscreen
Breif visit from brother-in-law and his father-in-law
2ND CUP OF COFFEE TIME! (do a little dance)
Read to Ben. Alot. Like, 3 really long stories.
Do toe nails.
Make snack for the boys...popcorn!!
Skip sweeping the floor, dinner is right around the corner.
Get Abby up from nap.
Grocery shopping
Plan a trip to the zoo
Unload groceries
Eat dinner...Wyatt makes dinner for the kids cause he is so completely AWESOME.
Pick up Lizzie and Sam in Collins
Yet more coffee...
Read article in People magazine
Pick up shells and broken glass (Sammy's shell collection)
Check email
Pray with kids

Somehow, that filled up my whole day. Doesn't look like much, but that's becasue today was an ironing day. It would look more impressive on a regular laundry day because then I would have written "wash clothes, dry cloths and fold clothes and put clothes away" about 4 times. Well, not really...i never get it all put away. ever. Plus, I cleaned the bathroom yesterday, so we're good till tomorrow.

This is the lamest aricle I've ever posted.


Elysa said...

Actually its not lame at all! Just be glad it wasn't a stomach virus or nasty nose THAT would look lame...and grody!:p

Wyatt Roberts said...

No, NO! Not lame at all. Very, very funny!!! I love you, girl!