Monday, June 16, 2008

Dolphin Watching at Gulf Shores

This weekend we ventured south to Gulf Shores, Alabama. It's about 150 miles from my inlaws house in Petal, so we left here Friday night and spent the night with them. Saturday, we all drove down to the beach...through rain, thunder and lightning. We stopped for lunch in Foley. The rain died down and the skies were looking promising, so we continued to the beach. It was still sprinkling when we got there, BUT stopped shortly after we layed out the blankets. And the beach was practically empty, which is always a plus! We enjoyed several hours of splashing in the waves and playing in the sand before we packed up and headed back to Petal. Yes, we drove 300 in one day to go to the beach. We did not rent a room down there...have you ever stayed overnight in a hotel with 5 kids? Not cheap, no sleep.

Here are a few more pics.

Abby was ok as long as Daddy was nearby. She really preferred the sand.
Sam liked playing tag with the waves.

Ben kept his vest on just about the whole time!

Lizzie LOVES the beach and spent most of her time in the waves.

Wyatt took a break from the water after a few jelly fish stings. ARGH!!!

Although we only got to see the dolphins from a distance, we did see a few jellyfish close up. The boys decided to play in the sand after a few stings.


shannon said...

I love this picture of everyone out spotting dolphins. And the righteous dog pic is adorable. Happy Summer!!

Elysa said...

Dolphins...or perhaps child-eating ShaRkS?!?!?

Looks like a scene from JAWS to me!

Rhonda's mom said...

Again----I count 4 children-----