Friday, August 8, 2008

One of These Things is NOT like the others...

Can you guess which one of these events did NOT happen today?

1.) Our washing machine isn't draining properly, so I had to stand outside holding the drainage hose before and after the rinse cycle and during the spin cycle for each load of laundry I washed today.

2.) One of my children flooded the bathroom floor by flushing too much toilet paper...couldn't get himself clean because he had diarrhea. Another child came in while I was cleaning the mess and vomitted immediately at the mere sight of it, thus doubling the blessing.

3.) One of the kids climbed on to the van roof and tried to slide down the windshield. Again.

4.)Another one of our children broke a window in our van while mowing the lawn.

5.) Two other children were sent on an errand across the lake. While over there, they decided to go swimming. Fully dressed. Without an adult. And then they blamed me.

6.)Due to a busted up van, and not being able to find a replacement vehicle that could carry us all, we had to cancel our plans for tonight, which included cooking out and swimming at a friends house.

Winner gets to buy me coffee. Or Prozac. Either will work.


Rhonda's mom said...

Tell me it's #1-----that is a sight to behold with ALL the laundry you do!!!

I really think all those things happen in "The Life And Times of The Roberts Family!"

Have another cup of coffee darlin'------

robin said...

Is this a trick question? I have no trouble at all believing that every one of these things happened!! However, you might have made it to your friends house after all. If I win, I promise to make you a full POT of very strong coffee! Love you.

Rhonda Jeanne said...

my mom and sister...they know. It's all possible.

Elysa said...

Betsie and I said the same thing...sadly, we could see ANY of these things happening!

But look at it this way, you have so many DAILY opportunities to grow in the fruit of the Spirit...peace, PATIENCE, kindness, goodness....

Come over this week and I'll give you some coffee AND free books! If I throw in some chocolate, it can't get much better. :D