Saturday, March 29, 2008

August Rush

Wyatt and I watched August Rush last night. I can't really decide if I want to recommend it or not. Ok, here's the good stuff. First of all, it stars Freddie Highmore, who is just too, too sweet and how can you not love this little guy? Second, there's no violence and no nudity/sex. There is however, the whole I just-met-you-two-minutes-ago-but-let's-kiss-and-spend-the-night-together thing, resulting in a pregnancy. So, not so good for impressionable teens.
For the rest of the movie, the 3 main characters try to find one another through the one thing that connects All in all the acting is good, although I was, at times, annoyed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers' accent. Is it real or fake? I don't know. Sometimes it sounded real and charming, other times it was like nails on the blackboard. Robin Williams is in it, he's good. Freaky, but good. And the music is great. There's a few cuss words and at least one "GD". So I guess check it out, but not with the whole family. Let me know what you think!