Friday, March 28, 2008

Finally back!

Good night nurse!! ;-) Okay, so now it's Friday and I am a whole day late...AGAIN. How very uncharacteristic of me. (pfh!) Well, let me just say in my own defense, I had every intention of blogging last night. But listen ya'll, I have rediscovered a favorite hobby! It's Sleeping!!!! That's what I've been doing lately, instead of bloggig and even reading! (gasp!) I know, it's crazy, but I've been a sleeping fool during my abundant free time lately. So, anyway, there you have it. Surely you can't fault me for that!
Anyway, I have been missing books...but I am saving myself for Bell and Jazz. (Only a few more days!) I know our reunion will be a sweet one! I also just finished reading Split Ends by Kristin Billerbeck. It was so fun and a much needed light read after Straight Up by Lisa Samson. Straight Up was a great book, but HEAVY! I would definitley recommend both of these books, but make sure you read Straight Up first (and with a box of tissue).

OK, I would love to keep going here, but in the time I have written this, my youngest sons have gone through an entire box of band-aids and now are in the sugar bowl. So, best be on my promises of when I'll be back. (ELYSA!)


Elysa said...

YAY!!!! You posted!!!!!!

I've got HOLLYWOOD NOBODY by Lisa Samson stowed in the van. I'll try to remember to give it to you when I see you today. Bye-bye sleep! ;)