Saturday, March 1, 2008

Newest Morsel!

Lookie here! See what my wonderful, enabler friend Elysa loaned to me? It's a yummy new book to read! And it's about a woman who loves Pride and Prejudice and Mr. Darcy and all that stuff that I blogged about earlier! Yay! And do you know what her favorite part of the movie is? Not hard to figure! The very,very, very same scene I wrote about, thank you very much and don't you think I need some more exclamation marks in this post? This is the most,most, very funnest book EVER! (There...have another!)
Ok, that's all for now.


Rhonda's mom said...

OK--I ordered it from the library. I'm still on "Quaker Summer" and on Miss Julia's School of Beauty. Whew! Got to admit---Miss Julia's my new idol!