Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Morgan

Today is my nephew's 15th birthday.

Morgan’s Gift

I sat quietly and tried to think of a good gift for you.
Instead, I find myself thinking of your gifts to us.
Instead of writing your name on paper,
You wrote it on our hearts.
Instead of singing songs of childhood,
You shout with pure joy!
You may not see me clearly, Morgan
But do you see the face of God?
You are content,
and not distracted by the things of earth.
Do you know the secrets we try so hard to understand?
We worry about tomorrow,
You are at peace.
While we sit in your presence and talk amongst ourselves,
Does our Father talk to you?
Do you hear his voice more clearly?
I wonder, Morgan, what you could tell us about God.
I don’t know what you are thinking
when you are laying on your blanket.
More often than not when I sit by you, you ignore me.
You act like you don’t see me or even care that I’m there.
But every now and then, you stretch out your arm to me,
Or rest your head on my knee
And I thank God for you, Morgan,
A good and perfect gift from above.


Russell Roberts said...

Now that is awesome. Thanks for the tribute. Little Morgy is something aint he? That kicks that wind poem in the butt.

robin said...

How Beautiful. Happy Birthday, Morgan.

Elysa said...

Hi Robin, er, I mean Rhonda---

(That comment by "robin" led me astray)

That is a beautiful tribute. Really, truly beautiful. And what a beautiful boy. I'm looking forward to meeting him one day.

Love you,