Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Big Day!

Tomorrow is Fair Day. I LOVE fairs. I missed it last year....and the year before that too. I went the first year we moved here and I'm really looking forward to going again. When we lived in Texas we went to the State Fair once. As are most things in Texas, the State Fair was BIG. (say hello to Big Tex!)I don't remember's all a blur. Well, actually,I do remember seeing a sign for fried twinkies. (groan...hurts just thinking about it)
When I lived in Austin, I went to the rodeo. Now THAT was fun! I went once with my friend Shannon...i think we saw McBride and the Ride...although I have no idea who that is. I wasn't into country music then. I also was sweating ALOT because i didn't realize how hot October is in Austin. But the rest was fun.....rides, funnel cake, barrel racing, pole bending, games and fried everything. I could still eat fried fair food without getting sick then. Plus I ate a ton of fudge and pralines.A few years later when Wyatt and I first started dating, we went to the rodeo. We saw Steve Warner and rode rides and ate fried fair food. Fried zucchini spears, I think. That was the last time I ate fried anything at the fair. It was also the last time I rode an upside down ride.
We rode "The Zipper," a truly awesome ride that I will never get on again. I haven't done anything stupid at the fair since then.

But tomorrow is a new day in Fair History.

Tomorrow I will bring all 5 of my children to the fair. With my girlfriend and her 7 kids, plus even more silly ladies and their kids. Tomorrow may turn out to be the stupidest thing I've ever done at the fair. But it'll be fun!!!!

But don't look for a new post until at least Saturday night. I'm sure I'll be exhausted till then, if I'm not catatonic. When I do blog, I'll actually have some pictures of the Mississippi State Fair, which will be nice, since that's where I live now.

And I even have the license plate to prove it.


Elysa said...

We're all dead here...what about you...except for Betsie. She's already left to go to a football game. Tired just thinking about it......

I STILL wanna know how they FRY Coca-cola. Going to go see if I can figger that out now.

(The silly woman with 7 kids)

Drewe Llyn said...

Well, I guess Elysa survived since she just left a comment. LOL! I hope you survived too and had an awesome time.

moma 2 Gods princess said...

Girl we went last Saturday.Crazy,
Wow and its over this weekend kinda sad.