Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey!! I know that guy!

These pictures aren't anything exciting to most people reading this blog. I, however, was really excited to see them. Why? Because I know that guy! No, not John McCain, the other guy off to his right, our left,with the black coat and McCain tag. That's Walter Peterson...he was the president of the my alma mater, Franklin Pierce College. Man, I LOVED Wally P.! He's a super friendly guy. Actually, I think this is the first picture I've seen of him when he wasn't smiling. He's a really cool old guy.
But that's not all that's cool (to me) about this photo! Oh no, friends, there's more! After getting over the weirdness of these 2 guys in a photo...(well, it's really not as weird as I thought, but I'll get back to that)...I noticed that their surroundings looked pretty familiar. Well, SURE THEY DID!!!

That's the Peterborough Diner!! I lived in Peterborough for a year or so after I graduated college. Man, I LOVED the Peterborough Diner!

Anyway, I found this photo online a while back. I wanted to blog about Peterborough because I LOVED living there. It is, after all, a good town to live in. Most of you won't get that, but that's ok. So, back to my story, I googled "Peterborough, NH" to find pictures so I could show you some of my fav spots. I wasn't too thrilled with what Google had on the first few pages, so I went for "Peterborough Diner"...and BAM! John McCain and Walter Peterson. "How odd!", I thought, "What are the chances?"

Well, pretty good actually, because as it turns out, Wally P. was the governor of New Hampshire from 1969-1973. Before that he was the Speaker of the NH House of Representatives, and a State rep. before that. Busy guy, Mr. Peterson.

I had no clue. Although I'm sure at some point in my college years, someone may have said to me at a party, "Dude! Did you know that like, Peterson was the (blankety-blank) Governor of New Hampshire? The (blankety-blank-blank) GOVERNOR, Dude!"

My roommate Shannon probably not only knew this but told me a few times herself.
It would've gone like this:

her: "Hey, there's Wally. He's the former Governor of New Hampshire."
me: "Cool. Didn't know that."
At this point we would both smile and she would say, "Hey President Peterson." And he of course would already be smiling (he smiled ALOT) and would say, "Afternoon, Ladies." This situation is likely to have repeated itself many times because I had NO idea about such things, and my groovy roommate did.

So...that's it.


Elysa said...

How fun is that?!?!

Rhonda Jeanne said...

It is fun, isn't it? See, just another reason I love your guts!