Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lizzie's Treasure

My daughter Lizzie found a sweet little kitten under the air conditioner duct that connects to the basement. She was all tangled up in the ivy and weeds. This is NOT her,but presently do not have a digital camera, so here's a pic I found online that looks just like her....except our kitten doesn't have any tan coloring. Just white and gray. She's the sweetest lil' blue eyed kitty you have ever,ever seen!!! Chances are that we won't be keeping her, but I still think she needs a name. Any suggestions?

p.s. About and hour after this post, we found the momma and a few more kittens, so the first was returned to her family.


Drewe Llyn said...

Oh! How cute! I sooooooo think Lizzie needs to keep them all! :-) They'd be purrrrrrrfect in your family. :-)