Thursday, October 2, 2008


Each decade brings with it a new style of clothing. You had the hippie style of the 60s, the disco style of the 70s the the...well...whatever of the 80s.....wait, hold on here. What DID happen in the 80s? I remember alot of neon colors, funky hair, shoulder pads, blazers or sport coats with pushed up sleeves, the flashdance sweatshirt, and REALLY BIG t-shirts...everything was oversized. What do you call all that??? Of course their was the preppy thing going on, but that's sort of always their anyway.
Anyway, back to decades...90s were sort of hip hip, sort of hippies revisited with alot of grunge. Skateboard has been around for awhile. I'm sure I missed alot of styles...I'm no fashion diva ya'll. (shocking confession, I know) But when, exactly did less become more as far as clothing goes? Somebody please tell me why it is now socially acceptable to wear your clothes so big (if you're guy)or so skimpy (if you're a girl) that you underwear shows. Guys, look in the mirror. Pull up your pants and straighten that stupid looking cap. You look like a toddler. It's not cool, it's ridiculous. Girls, skimpy clothing is NOT attractive. It's trampy. Trashy. Cover yourselves. Their are parts of you that should be a SECRET!!Sssshhhhh!!! No showie!!! I say all that to say this: Let's try a little modesty, shall we? NO, you don't have to wear a canvas tent to be modest. You don't even have to dress normal. Just get dressed before you leave the house!
A few days ago, I stumbled across The Modesty Survey. If you are not familiar with it you can check it out by clicking here or on the link in my sidebar. This survey was done in an effort to show Christian Women that the way they dress(and behave!!!) is a BIG Ol' stumbling block to their male peers. Their are some results that were pedictable, okay... you can't prance around in Daisy Dukes and spaghetti straps, and then feign surprise when your youth leaders are blushing. But there were also some things that I found to be surprising. For instance, 46.3% of men surveyed agreed, and 25.3% strongly agreed that lines of undergarments, visible under clothing, are a stumbling block. A little odd, don't ya think? I mean, are we talking about panty lines? yucky. I just don't get it.
BUT... check THIS out, 38.6% men surveyed strongly agree and 37% agree that they have less respect for a immodest woman than a modest one.(see? trashy, not attractive)
In any case, check out the Modesty Survey. You might be suprised.


Elysa said...

Yeah...I read that to my girls a while back.

One area that I do not like but have not made it a battle to die over is spaghetti straps. They can't wear them to Sunday morning church, their bra straps are not supposed to show, and neither is their cleavage...but they still seem a little skimpy. And trying to keep them pulled UP so the cleavage stays DOWN is a constant struggle.

I'll just be glad when this fashion fad is OVER!